FarBeyondBelieving: Dreamhouse #11

02 January 2013

Dreamhouse #11

Another amazing, and light house. As you probably noticed in my previous post, I love light and wooden-inspired houses. This one is constructed of dimensional sandstone and brick with characterful rustic timber features the home is positioned on a large near level garden block of just under 1400sqm. I'd definitely like to spend my time in this house, and look at the shower, it's so spacious. All though I would put of some more photos in the house, this would definitely be a keeper.


  1. I love how it looks! I do agree with you about the pictures, the walls look way too empty.

  2. awesome! die tafel wil ik ook wel

  3. Wauw! Super mooi en met die grote deuren(?) open in het huis lijkt het nog ruimer!

  4. Jeetje, wat heb je weer een mooi huis uitgezocht!


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