FarBeyondBelieving: February 2013

28 February 2013

Boyfriend tag

I've been trying to get him in front of my camera for a video. But he doesn't want to be on the internet in video form. He's not a big fan of my camera either, but I managed to get some shots in. I did get him to do a boyfriend tag. SO here's Joe's answers, with my reply!

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen? 
G of T
Me: In case you don’t know that is.. It’s Game of Thrones and all though I do watch a bit more, he is true about me watching it a lot.

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? 
Olive oil?
Me: I do like that yes. But I don’t mind yoghurt or ceaser dressing.

Whats one food she doesn’t like?
Carrots, but only when they are cooked :/
Me: True! I’m not a big fan of meatloaf as well.

You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
Vodka, lime and soda
Me: Jup. That’s become my London drink.

What size shoe does she wear? 
Me: That’s my UK size yes, in Holland it’s 37.

27 February 2013

Bucket list - 30 before 30

Inspired on Sanne's video I want to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I'm 30. So here I go.

1. Visit 5 of the 7 continents. (Currently on 2)
2. Watch at least 100 movies of the IMDB top 250 list. (I'm on 59)
3. Go to San Diego Comic-Con.
4. Get a job in movie business.
5. Run a marathon.
6. Visit the 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter'.
7. Swim with a dolphin.
8. Be an extra in a film. 
9. Go to a casino, preferably in Las Vegas.
10. Find a job I love.
11. Drive on the left side of the road. (in the UK)
12. Own a designer bag. 
13. Learn to play a musical instrument.
14. Go tour skiing.
15. Get my own house.
16. Take archery classes.
17. Read 30 books in a year.
18. Do a year project. (so photography, video etc.)
19. Make myself a cosplay dress. 
20. Dye my hair blonde.
21. Read all the Lord of the Rings books.
22. See the Northern lights. 
23. Go to a metal concert.
24. Don't eat meat for a week.
25. Graduate my course.
26. Start running at least once a week.
27. Do more personal portfolio work.
28. Play a game of real-life Quidditch.
29. Buy a Black Milk Clothing legging.
30. Give all my good friends something special, just because.

In a year time.. (or maybe an earlier update?) Let's see what I've achieved.
Do you guys have anything you really want to do before you turn 30? Or just in life.

26 February 2013

One year anniversary: Supernatural Parody

I realised that I never really shared this before. A video I shot with a group of good friends. With a script, special effects and all that business. I'm still quite proud of this project as I wrote, directed, produced and edited this video. (oh and I have a little cameo, or actually.. I am Castiel) Luckily I had some help in all of that. This is a Supernatural parody. Made by a group of fans. A group I met through conventions, school and the fandom. And to make it a little more fun, I'm going to add some behind the scenes photos.

Today it's been a bit more then a year ago that we shot this and I actually only just started working on the bloopers/behind the scenes. So let me know if you'd like to see those. Because then I'll post them as soon as I'm finished. If you don't watch Supernatural.. That's okay! Hope you'll still enjoy watching the video.

So as a dedication to the one year anniversary of our parody. Here it is! Plus some behind the scenes photos shot by the lovely Dewi. For more info about everyone in the video, check the Youtube description or the end credits.

In case you can't see the Youtube video.. It's on VIMEO as well.

25 February 2013

Dreamhouse #13

I know, I haven't showed you any photos of my apartment yet. I'm so sorry, but as I told you in this blogpost, there's still a lot to do. Especially in our living room. But more of our furniture is coming in this week. (including our router, as I'm working from a dongel right now) We're going to get the lights fixed this weekend, and hopefully our sofa will finally come in. Then it's time for the final decorating and after that.. Picture time!
For now.. I'll leave with some inspiration.

23 February 2013

Death is coming for everyone and everything

Some of you might know how big of a Game of Thrones fan I am. That's why I'll leave you guys with the season 3 trailer today. I'm halfway through 'A Storm of Swords, 2: Blood and Gold now and am really trying to finish it before the season starts. But I can tell you guys.. This season is going to be epic and once again very disturbing!
While reading I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that George R.R. Martin doesn't kill any of my favourite characters.. Because that's probably about to happen quite soon. While seeing this.. I can't wait to get my Daenerys costume out and wear it on an event. I can't wait for the 31st of March!

Does any of you watch Game of Thrones? If you don't.. Would you want to watch it?

22 February 2013

Haircut: I'm a pixie

So here it is! My pixie haircut. My very first day in London I got asked as a hair model. While walking around in Topshop, a free haircut at the Saca academy for people in training was offered to me. I decided to go for it and had my appointment this Monday. And after 4 hours, yes it really took that long. This was my haircut! I told them I wasn't to fuzzed about what my hair would look like as long as they wouldn't shave it off. This is the shortest I ever had my hair and I really like it. Especially because I'm able to wear it with my curls or without. 

What do you guys think?

21 February 2013

Wishlist - nerdy rock

Because of moving, I don't have that much time (and money..) for shopping. So I this is an absolute wishlist. I went on the ASOS website and found these pieces. And isn't that Marc B bag amaaaazing? A must have plain bag. These pieces represent the things I like to wear. 'Nerdy rock chique' as I like to call it. The ASOS website likes to take up my time so I spend ages on it, putting stuff on my wish list, which I probably won't even be able to buy. Ah well, a girl can get some 'inspiration' once a while right? (which does end up in buying most of the time haha)

So where to find these pieces:
Batman sweater, here - Leather skirt, here - Red jacket, here - Tote bag, here - A beanie, here - Ankled boots, here - Spikey earrings, here - Cross bracelet, here - Marc Jacobs watch, here
Do you want a chance to win some shopping money? Check out this link.

What do you guys think? Is there something you would really want at the moment.

20 February 2013

London update #2

If you're following me on Instagram you might have seen some moving pictures. I've been extremely busy the last few days and today.. I'm back in the office. Back working on some edits and my graduation project. I still have to hear about my plan of action, and if that's okay, I can continue working on that.

But the moving. Thursday night we went over to the apartment to pick up the keys. And unfortunately the inhabitants before us left the place quite disgusting. What left us with a full day of cleaning on Friday. After buying some equipment and a hoover, which my boyfriend decided to call R2-D2. We could get started on cleaning. And mainly the kitchen definitely needed that. If I look at our kitchen now I'm very glad we cleaned it all the way. The kitchen is the only room which looks quite finished at the moment. We have a small bar in the kitchen for which the stools will be delivered this week.  We decided to keep turquoise, white, wood and gray as the four main colours in the house.  So our kettle and toaster are turquoise, which I love! We bought a milk clock, which looks amazing. (the picture above) And after doing some grocery shopping and filling the kitchen up, it looks really homey.

Our bedroom is still quite empty. There is a bed in there and we're able to sleep, and we tried to fill up the fitted wardrobe as far as we could. Our washing bin is already hanging in there as well. But a mirror, cupboards and bed stands still have to be ordered. Oh and of course not to forget about the decorations.

The living room.. Well. Let's just say that we didn't really use this room yet. We're still working on some painting and sorting out the floor, add to that the terrible lamps we have to replace. There is a closet in there which is now filled with everything we can't put on it's place yet. A rug which is still in the package and our coffee table, with currently.. The tv on it. The sofa is being made at the moment and will hopefully arrive next week. We also have to get some stuff delivered next week which means I'll have to work from home a few times.

The bathroom wasn't to bad luckily. We still have to get some hangers for towels and a little cupboard to put stuff in. Oh and a new mirror and shower head. But that's probably just because we don't like the current ones.

So still quite a lot to do. Plus add my school work and normal life to that. It's going to be some busy weeks. And luckily our apartment is done in some places now, it still needs some decorating and major fixings. But at least I've got internet now(a dongel, for the time being, our router will come later). I can try to make some more blogposts for all of you.

I also got a haircut which I'll try to make some good pictures of. And to say a little something about it to you guys... I got a pixie cut.

16 February 2013

Tag you're it

What happens when you can't make pictures? You find stuff like this. Tags.. And some old photos, I think that would work.. Next week everything will be different because then I'm moved in and hopefully settled, so I can make my photo set-up. I can't wait!

1. How long have you been blogging, and why? 
My blog life has had some ups and downs. So in total? I think I've been blogging for 5 years. But this blog.. For about 8 months. And this is definitely my best one so far. I've been blogging daily and making progress in shooting photos and quality of blogs. (I'm trying to though)

And why did I started blogging? I wanted to share things happening around me. Write about it, make more photos and well.. Write in English. I love to meet people online with the same interests and with blogging, things like this happen really quickly. And just because it is possible, the internet is there for use so why not use it and share?
2. What is your biggest fashion no-no? 
White leggings, sneaker wedges, way to short dresses, pointy heels, leggings with a short top... And I think I can go on for a while. But these are the ones I get annoyed by the most. I generally really dislike white clothes but especially on the bottom half. And the leggings.. Are always see through and don't do anything good for your figure. And the sneaker wedges hype? I absolutely don't get it!

15 February 2013

Inspiration: Fashion

I'm going to try to make more pictures myself real soon. But as I'm still living from suitcases and work 5 days a week I'll have to do everything in the weekend. These are now still filled with shopping for the apartment. So I'll post some fashion inspiration. People who inspire me on what to where. Enjoy!

And for those of you who didn't notice yet. I made some changes to the layout! So it will fit my portfolio website. Like it?

By clicking on the photo you'll go to that person blog.

14 February 2013

Crazy things I did in life #3

Number 3! This one will be about my experience at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere in London. Because me and a group of, approxiamate, 10 other Dutch (and Belgian) people went there. Took a plane and decided to sleep on Trafalger Square just because we wanted to make a good end to our Harry Potter experience.

July 6th 2011. Our flight is about to leave somewhere early in the morning. With a group of six good friends we're getting a flight to London Stansted, to get the bus right after that and run of to Trafalgar Square. Because no not that exact evening but the day evening the day after.. The last ever Harry Potter premiere will be happening. The very very last. Bye bye childhood. And we know we're not going to be the only ones camping out.

13 February 2013

A part of my childhood

Harry Potter. Who doesn't know about the boy who lived. And all though I'll tell you a bit more about my story about the obsession and Harry Potter in another blog post. I really wanted to share this video. For the last 13 years of my life I've been a massive Harry Potter fan and because I'm currently re-watching all the movies because my boyfriend hasn't seen any of them..

I really wanted to share this with all of you. I've been to a premiere in London and waited for 28 hours to see all the celebrities, had Harry Potter lego collections when I was younger, dressed up as Hermione and went to the studio tour. (Like I said.. More in another blogpost about this) It has been a big part of my childhood and I met a lot of people because I had an Emma Watson fansite called shining-emma.nl, and yes, really I did. This video shows a lot of good memories and that's.. Why I really wanted to share it with all of you.

If you want to know what I did for my Harry Potter obsession? Keep an eye out for tomorrow's blogpost.

12 February 2013

Portfolio: BeyondBelieving

My totally renewed and updated portfolio is now online. I'll try to keep it as up to date as I can now and don't wait for another few months to do that, like I did before. I've got some more blogposts for you lined up this week so keep you eye open.

What do you guys think of the my portfolio?

11 February 2013

Inspiration: Decorating your house

I'm dying to show you guys our new apartment. We bought some amazing stuff and I can't wait to get on with decorating it. But as we won't be able to move in until Thursday. I'll show you guys some inspiration for how we'll be decorating our house.

To start of with our kitchen. My boyfriend is a big fan of 'American diner' style, and of course we won't make it to over the top. But we bought an amazing kettle and fitting toaster. (in turquoise) Which I'm in love with and will fit the American style. Our table (which we still have to get) and chairs will fit in this theme as well. I've been trying to find a good picture of what our idea is but it's still quite hard. But here we go.
This will be the color through our house, combined with white and black. So it won't be as busy as it is here.

08 February 2013

My life as a professional skier

I never really told you guys about my life as a professional skier before. Well now you're able to read about it. Check out the interview I did for StyleSpy, and read a little more about it. You can read the post here.

Sorry again for the lack of updates guys. But I'm really going to try my best to get some blogposts lined-up over the weekend. But with the crappy internet it's all a bit hard. But expect more in about a week and a half because then I'm definitely moved in and settled. 

05 February 2013

London update

So while my boyfriend is (re)watching the Superbowl I'm trying to blog with the very bad internet. Because no I can't go on the internet in his parents house when I'm downstairs. I don't get and am not a big fan of American football so why not write a blog. Today was my very first day at my internship and I'm trying to come up with some blogs ideas. It's all going to be a lot easier when we moved into our apartment. We already bought some of our furniture, interior and decorations.  But the next two weeks might still be a bit quiet. 

But today was my very first day at my internship. And all though it all still feels a bit weird, because yes I am really living here again. It was a very good day, everyone is really nice and I already got to do some stuff. So I'm definitely enjoying myself. Let's see what the rest of the week will bring and until we're moved.. It might still be quiet. xx

03 February 2013

02 February 2013

InstaDiary: January

Hello February and hello London. I landed yesterday and am very happy to be with my boyfriend again. But now it's time to see what happened in January.
 Eating at Wagamama in London. - The Blu-Rays, DVD's and game I bought. - Goodbye lunch before going back to the Netherlands. - White Snow O.P.I. nail polish bought at the airport. - The Casio watch I got for Christmas from my parents -. Catwoman USB. - Lush purchases. - Metallica Guitar Hero.
 Yummie dinner with one of my friends. - Salad and garlic bread with my sister. - Outfit post on the blog. - Les Miserables with my mom. - Touchscreen gloves. - New JC knock-off shoes. - Healthy breakfast. - And a give-away on the blog.

01 February 2013