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15 February 2013

Inspiration: Fashion

I'm going to try to make more pictures myself real soon. But as I'm still living from suitcases and work 5 days a week I'll have to do everything in the weekend. These are now still filled with shopping for the apartment. So I'll post some fashion inspiration. People who inspire me on what to where. Enjoy!

And for those of you who didn't notice yet. I made some changes to the layout! So it will fit my portfolio website. Like it?

By clicking on the photo you'll go to that person blog.
Like I said, I'll try to be back with my own photos really soon. 


  1. Alleen de derde ken ik niet, de rest vind ik geweldig! Ze hebben zo'n leuke stijl. Ik ga zeker even naar de derde kijken :D

  2. Dat laatste jasje is super mooi!!

  3. I like your new header, I only think the right side is a bit too busy with "blog.farbeyondbelieving.net" and the logo. If you use your logo that small I would only use 'BB' and leave the background and text beneath out :)

  4. Not really my cup of tea concerning fashion, but I am always more on the safe side of fashion. but i do like the second outfit :)

  5. I think I follow all of these people, either on their blog or through Lookbook.nu, I love their style!

  6. Gave inspiratie! xx


  7. Leuk, je layout En ik vind de outfits te gek, hou wel van een beetje spikey en donker. xx

  8. Lovely looks. Love the jacket in the last one!
    And the adjusted design looks great :)

  9. Wat een toffe outfits, sommige volg ik ook de blog of lookbook van. Xx


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