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28 February 2013

Boyfriend tag

I've been trying to get him in front of my camera for a video. But he doesn't want to be on the internet in video form. He's not a big fan of my camera either, but I managed to get some shots in. I did get him to do a boyfriend tag. SO here's Joe's answers, with my reply!

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen? 
G of T
Me: In case you don’t know that is.. It’s Game of Thrones and all though I do watch a bit more, he is true about me watching it a lot.

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? 
Olive oil?
Me: I do like that yes. But I don’t mind yoghurt or ceaser dressing.

Whats one food she doesn’t like?
Carrots, but only when they are cooked :/
Me: True! I’m not a big fan of meatloaf as well.

You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
Vodka, lime and soda
Me: Jup. That’s become my London drink.

What size shoe does she wear? 
Me: That’s my UK size yes, in Holland it’s 37.

If she was collecting anything what would it be? 
Nerdy stuff, wands etc 
Me: I do collect that yes. I also collect my cinema, concert and event tickets.

What is her favorite type of sandwich? 
Is Carpaccio a sandwich?
Me: Not sure. But if it is, it would be!

What would this person eat everyday if she could? 
Me: Who wouldn’t?

What is her favorite cereal? 
Muesli, granola with nuts type stuff
Me: True story.

Whats her fav music? 
Mumford and his sons
Me: That is definitely my favourite band. He knows Taylor Swift is as well but doesn’t want to mention her.

Whats her fav sports team? 
FC Utrecht
Me: No doubt about that!

Whats her eye color? 
Bluey greenish
Me: I would say bluey / grayish, but I think he knows better.

Who's her best friend? 
Me: I wouldn’t say I have one best friend. But Robin is definitely one of my best friends.

What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t? 
Me: I worry a lot, that is a sure thing.

What’s her heritage/where she's from? 
Holland represent
Me: Dutchy over here!

You bake her a cake for her birthday what kind of cake? 
Her mum’s cheesecake recipe
Me: I love that cake so much.

Did she play any sports? 
Yes, yes she did
Me: After I asked him about this question he said: “What? It didn’t ask which sport!” haha. But I did skiing, tennis, gymnastics and jazz ballet. In case you want to know. (I don’t think gym really counts)

What could she spend hours doing? 
That’s a pretty vague question…
Me: Haha, this answer just made me laugh.

What is one unique talent she has? 
None of your business
Me: He doesn’t even want to tell me what it is! So I don’t know... Sorry guys.


  1. Wat leuk om te lezen! Ik lust ook geen gekookte wortelen hoor, bahbah!

  2. Echt heel leuk om te lezen, hij kent je ook goed! Ik denk dat ik deze tag vanavond ook even ga invullen met mijn vriend hihi.

  3. Hele leuke tag! Hij weet alles joh! En super leuke foto van jullie samen :)

  4. Haha, what a great tag! I love that he just answered "nerdy stuff" on the collecting question. I'm definitely gonna remember this tag and force it on my boyfriend :D

  5. Dit is echt een superleuke tag! Ik ga 'm overnemen (nouja, tim gaat 'm overnemen haha)

  6. Superleuk om te lezen! :)



  7. This totally adorable! What a great tag and your boyfriends' answers are quite brilliant! :D

  8. Heel leuk dit! Vraag me af hoeveel mijn man hiervan weet ;) xx


  9. Aww, wat schattig! :) Heel leuk om te lezen! ♥


  10. Zo leuk om te lezen! Schattig koppeltje!

  11. Oh heel leuk om te lezen. Wat grappig dat hij niet zo enthousiast is om op de foto te gaan, goed dat het je toch gelukt is. :) Liefs

  12. 'Wat een heerlijke vragenlijst, haha. Leuk om die mannen van ons op de proef te stellen;). Ik moet zeggen dat hij de test aardig is doorgekomen, niet dan;)!

  13. Echt een leuke tag! hij weet al veel van je :D. Volgens mij heb je het naar je zin daar in Engeland!

  14. Dit is echt een hele leuke tag! Vond het ook erg leuk om te lezen :)

  15. Awwwh dit is echt heel leuk om te lezen :D

  16. Haha was really cool to read all the answers! I asked my boyfriend to do this tag too, so you'll probably see this on my blog soon! Really cool tag!

  17. Haha pardon me maar ik kan het antwoord op die laatste vraag niet NIET in een sexuele manier lezen haha

    1. Ik weet gewoon niet wat het is! Serieus.. Hij wil het echt niet vertellen. Het is heel irritant.


  18. Super leuk om te lezen!! Vervelend dat hij dat laatste niet wil vertellen haha, lijkt me erg frustrerend!! :-P

    X Saskia


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