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16 February 2013

Tag you're it

What happens when you can't make pictures? You find stuff like this. Tags.. And some old photos, I think that would work.. Next week everything will be different because then I'm moved in and hopefully settled, so I can make my photo set-up. I can't wait!

1. How long have you been blogging, and why? 
My blog life has had some ups and downs. So in total? I think I've been blogging for 5 years. But this blog.. For about 8 months. And this is definitely my best one so far. I've been blogging daily and making progress in shooting photos and quality of blogs. (I'm trying to though)

And why did I started blogging? I wanted to share things happening around me. Write about it, make more photos and well.. Write in English. I love to meet people online with the same interests and with blogging, things like this happen really quickly. And just because it is possible, the internet is there for use so why not use it and share?
2. What is your biggest fashion no-no? 
White leggings, sneaker wedges, way to short dresses, pointy heels, leggings with a short top... And I think I can go on for a while. But these are the ones I get annoyed by the most. I generally really dislike white clothes but especially on the bottom half. And the leggings.. Are always see through and don't do anything good for your figure. And the sneaker wedges hype? I absolutely don't get it!
3. What is on top of your wish list at the moment? 
This is quite difficult. But I think I'd have to say decorations and furniture for our apartment. All though we already got quite a bit, we still need to buy some stuff and I'm just really excited about it. So I think that would be it. All though I'd really like a camera grip as well. (mainly for filming)

4. If you could only pick 3 make up products you could use for the rest of your life, what would those be? 
This is actually quite an easy pick for me. A good mascara, eyeliner and bordeaux red lipstick. These are the 3 make up products I enjoy wearing the most, and all though I do wear skin products, I don't think those are the ones I'd pick.
5. Who is your biggest icon (regarding in fashion/beauty), and why? 
It has always been Emma Watson, and all though I still really love her. I don't think I'd say she's my biggest icon. I've been looking up to Lauren Conrad for a long time and absolutely love Emilia Clarke and Alexa Chung as well. So I think that I don't really have a big icon at the moment, I have people I look up to, a lot not fashion wise as well. But not really one person which I would pick as my all time biggest icon.

6. What is your must-have hair care product. 
I don't use that much products for my hair. But I do love the Wella professionals finish shimmer delight shine spray. Why that name is so long.. I don't know. But it's very easy and subtle, it gives your hair that extra shine and I love it.

7. What is your biggest dream? 
To be a movie director and live a happy life.

8. Who do you look up to? 
Like I said before, a lot of different people. But in this case I want to say Andrew Adamson and Andy Serkis. Not that much people might now who they are, but you all should! Andrew Adamson is a director and directed movies like 'the Chronicles of Narnia' and 'Shrek'. I've been watching a lot of behind the scenes of multiple (mainly fantasy) movies. And I just love the way he works, his imagination, the way he treats the actors and his thoughts about the movie.
And Andy Serkis? Also known as the voice and acting of Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings', he's such an inspirational guy as well. He helps out on a lot, acting, producing, voice-overs. Watch any of the Lord of the Rings extras and get inspired. For fashion wise? Check questions number 5.

9. What is your favorite snack? 
I love 'Jodenkoeken'. (Dutch) But I really do love noodles as a snack as well haha.
10. What achievement are you most proud of? 
My 3rd place at the Dutch championships skiing in 2009. And me moving to London to do an internship for 5 months. (twice)

11. What is something you've regretted not doing? 
I really have to think about this. But the first thing which pops in to my mind is not taking a gap year after secundaire school. I made a wrong choice and think I was just to young at that point, I should've taken a gap year to think about my choice.

And that was it! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Leuke tag, super leuk om zo wat meer te weten te komen over je :)

  2. Je mag inderdaad trots zijn op de twee dingen die je noemt. Jij blogt ook al vet lag joh! :O

  3. 5 years blogging on and off....yeah I kmow that ;) nice tag

  4. Wat een leuke tag, je hebt echt een leuke blog vind het altijd leuk om te lezen. ^^

  5. Leuke tag, grappig dat je al zolang blog.t XX

  6. Oh and agree on the white leggings. Hate.Them!

  7. Nice tag! Vind die laatste foto heel tof :D

  8. Wat een leuke tag, leuk om te lezen!
    Liefs, Swaen

  9. Leggings with short tops...brrr


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