FarBeyondBelieving: November 2012

30 November 2012

29 November 2012

Hair; I don't care

As all of you know, I like changes. And as you can see, I changed my hair a lot. All this.. Happened in 3 years. (you might see a slight change in the way I dress as well) But from very long, ombre, and curly hair. I went to a short, one side shaved haircut. It's so weird to look at photos where my hair was still over my shoulders. It took me so much time to wash, take care of it and get ready in the morning.

The very first thing I did to my hair is dye my fringe and the bottom bit of my hair.. BLACK. Yes black. It already faded away in the first two pictures but you can definitely see the 'ombre' effect steel being there. The brown color on top, is my natural haircolor. Brown, and as you see, the red glow has always been there.

Later on, I decided to dye it red. And all though I changed from bordeaux to fire red, it always has been that way. I'm back to bordeaux now. With time I cut it shorter and shorter. And you know what? I never regret doing it. It's so much easier, my hair is thick and hard to handle, now it's short. It's a lot easier to get ready in the morning. One of the haircuts I still really enjoy.. The photo on which I wear the gray hat? My red ombre. I got my pointy end bleached and all though I only enjoyed this for around 3 months, I loved it. Some people told me: 'It looks like your hair is on fire.' Well that sounds like a good thing to me!

And now? I can't really do that much now. Dye it purple or maybe yellow? But shorter, no that's not an option anymore. But I'm definitely happy the way it looks now. And I only live once, and hair? Is not worth that much to me.

28 November 2012

(Christmas) Wishlist

I seem to like black, don't I? Well in case someone sees this.. When you buy me one of these presents for Christmas.. You're good! (and very amazing)

I fell in love with Star Wars collection of Black Milk, can I afford any of these pieces? Definitely not! The 3 DVD's are definitely on my wishlist tho. Dexter season 1-5 (I got up to the end of season 2 in a week and a half, oeps?), New Girl and the special edition of the Dark Knight Rises.
All black Dr. Martens are definitely my style and will nicely fit next to my bordeaux ones. Just as the all black biker boots, love it. A cross or Batman top are always good with me, just as the leather biker jacket. As I don't really have a black bag this one seems like a nice one. And my sweet side definitely needs Taylor Swift's: Wonderstruck perfume.  

26 November 2012

23 November 2012

22 November 2012

Daily make-up

Make-up. I wear it. But am not that much into it if I'm totally honest. I love natural, especially with skin colors. I hardly wear foundation, powders or concealers. When there are huge bags or spots in my face, I might put a bit on. But the only things I use daily are my mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. My eyebrows are quite heavy, that's why I hardly put on eyeshadow. And I don't really mind my freckles or imperfections in my face. Another thing.. It takes so much time! If there's very special party, or dress code I like to make my eyes smokey or give them a nice color. But not in my daily life. 

Excuse me for the condition my mascara is in. But I take this mascara with me quite a bit and that's why the print is coming of. But I use Maybelline: The Falsies. I've been using the Maybelline line for about 4 years now, I love it and it's actually affordable. I did try the Chanel mascara once, and it's amazing, but the price isn't. The eyeliner I use is a liquid one with a tiny brush. Glam Eyes from Rimmel London. It's the second time I bought this as I really liked it and keeps good all day. My all time favorit lipgloss is Mac's Diva, a bordeaux red. And because I don't wear that much make-up I can impress with my lips. (I don't wear this everyday, but try to wear it as much as I can)

Make-up isn't that important to me, I rather impress with clothes, accessoires or my hairstyle. Especially clothes is the thing I spend most of time on in the morning.

21 November 2012

Shine a little light

Another thing I like about the winter, and the early sun down. Candles! Especially now I live on my own. They make me feel like it's almost Christmas and even if you're alone, the candles are there to give you some light. I like different colors but do want them to fit together. The candle in the glass is a scented one. Both my roommates smoke, inside the house, and is I'm a non and anti smoker and don't want my room to smell entirely like cigarettes. This little fella helps me out, and it really helps, my room is now surrounded by lemon-y smell.
The only important thing you can't forget.. Put those babies out before you go to bed!

The stores I buy them? There are a lot of stores in the Netherlands with candles. If you want cheap ones? Action, Blokker, Xenos.. But also IKEA, Hema and cute little stores you'll find around and about will definitely sell candles. If you got any recommendations, I would love to hear!

19 November 2012

Cosplay & me #2

Get ready for part 2 of my cosplay costumes! Go to this link for part 1.

This was also the year I went to my very first official convention, a Supernatural convention. And of course these have dress-up parties, I already dressed up as a normal Castiel for a Supernatural party I organized. But decided to go as a Leviathan Castiel this time. And if you never saw Supernatural this might be a bit confusing. But just look at the picture I used as the example and you will get it. Where did I get the outfit? The only thing I bought for this outfit is the tie and the black lenses. I got the trench coat at Neu Look even before I started watching Supernatural. A white shirt isn’t that hard to get, and the same for the black blazer, trousers and jazz shoes.

17 November 2012

Sweater weather

It's cold, dark and winter is coming. And as I actually don't mind the winter, especially when it's snowy. I love shopping for new sweaters, cardigans and other winter fashion. The only bad thing, most of the time everything gets a bit more expensive. Until I ran in to this sweater.
"Oh look! That sweater is cute, look at the zippers." I expected a price around 40 euros, because it's H&M, and it couldn't be that expensive. But the card said 15 euros. I couldn't believe it and ran into the store to check it. And yes, it was really 15 euros. I would say that's a hell of a bargain!

I like my sweaters to be a bit big so it isn't to tight. And I bought a large of this one, yes a large. Normally I'm a size small, but this one seemed a bit tight and the large felt better than the medium. And here I am wearing my super comfy 15 euro sweater which I absolutely love!

15 November 2012

Cosplay & me #1

Some of you guys have been asking for my cosplay experience. And as I really enjoy getting costumes together I thought I'd share my costumes with all of you. For those of you who don't know what cosplay is.. It's short for costume play. How do I get my stuff together? Most of the time I try to be creative and look in my own wardrobe first, vintage stores or just general stores like H&M and Zara. But some things like cloaks, can't be found in stores, my grandma and mom help me out by sowing these things together. I'll describe my costumes for you while writing this blog. (it'll come in 2 parts, so keep looking out for the second one) And I know not everyone knows I'm 'cosplaying' once in a while, but I'm absolutely not ashamed of it and love to do it. I'm a fangirl for life!

My first costume would've been at a really young age as I liked to get together my own Harry Potter costumes. With a black towel around my neck and a gray skirt I'd pretended to be Hermione. With my big and curly hair it easily turned out in something okay. But I got a bit more serious the first time I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair.


13 November 2012

12 November 2012

Waking up nicely

A very good morning to all of you! I think it's one of those days on which you want to treat yourself with a lovely breakfast. Well at least when you've got some time, and late/no school or work. Well I definitely like to wake up with a breakfast like this once in a while.

- Cruesli with milk
- A lovely Turkish Apple flavored tea
- A cracker with salami, bree and cucumber. 


10 November 2012

Review: Canvas, pixum.nl

Pixum.nl asked me if I could do a review of one of their products, by getting one for free. I picked the canvas. For the visitors outside of the Netherlands, this is a Dutch website and you can only order if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium. This is the reason why I decided to write this review in Dutch. But don't be alarmed, all my other blogs will be in English, like always.

Here I go:
Nou dit is ook voor mij weer even wennen. Een blogje in het Nederlands schrijven. Maar aangezien Pixum toch een Nederlandstalige website is en ik akkoord ben gegaan met het schrijven van een review. Dacht ik dat het beter was in het Nederlands. Jullie hebben in een van mijn eerdere blogjes al gezien dat ik een foto reportage heb gemaakt van mijn 'LDR' (Long Distance Relationship). Ik heb uit deze serie een foto gekozen en laten drukken op een canvas.

Ik heb gekozen voor de canvas zonder lijst 4:3 op 30x40 cm. De foto heb ik uiteindelijk (na veel twijfelen) in zwart/wit opgestuurd omdat ik dit uiteindelijk simpelweg, leuker in mijn kamer vond passen. Met een klein weekje werd de canvas bij mij afgeleverd. En ik was eigenlijk een beetje verbaasd, wat een fijn papier en mooi afgewerkt lijstje. Vooral voor deze prijs was ik aangenaam verrast over hoe het er uit zag. De foto is mooi scherp gebleven en het materiaal voelt goed aan. Alles is helemaal intact en er zijn zelfs extra houtjes bij geleverd om het lijstje op te hangen.

Ik weet niet hoe ik dit lijstje mee ga nemen maar mijn vriend en ik het zijn het er beide over ons dat de canvas in ons appartement terecht moet komen. De grootte is precies goed en naast dat we beide toch ook wel gek zijn op deze foto, ben ik heel erg blij met hoe de canvas er uiteindelijk uitziet. Hij staat nu gezellig op mijn kleine kamertje (ze hebben liever niet dat ik spijkers in de muren sla) en ik ben er nog steeds ontzettend blij mee.

Wil jij ook iets bestellen op Pixum.nl? Ga dan naar deze link.

(I made some changed to the layout, wasn't completely happy with my last design. This one will stay for a while tho!)

09 November 2012

London news!

I've got some great news for all of you. Some of you might already know. But I was in London last week to visit my boyfriend and for an internship interview. And guess what..? I GOT IT! I'm going back to London! But this time it's actually for my graduation which will add making a massive thesis and my own product. All though I'm going to be insanely busy. I'm so excited to go back to the city I love. 

But not only that, me and my boyfriend decided that when I got the internship that we're going to look for an apartment together. And another pro, we already got one! So no stress for internships, no stress for a place to live. I can get my stuff together, move in and start living my life. I'll go back to London somewhere start of February and a lot of people think I might stay.. But I'll have to wait and see, because I just want to see how everything works out. 

I can't wait to go back and look forward to some other fun posts the next few days.

05 November 2012

Crush #5: Emma Watson

Source: google.com

I thought it was time for another of my crushes. As it's been a while. It's a girly one again. And this time it's Emma Watson. It has been a bit quiet around her after the last Harry Potter movie but after the Perks of Being a Wallflower releasing I couldn't help but picking her for a blogpost. 

Emma must have been one of my first girlcrushes ever. As a big Harry Potter fan Emma has always been some sort of role model for me. I grew with her in age and wanted to be her.. Or would it have been Hermione. All though after making some fansites about her on a very young age. (around 12 years old) I followed everything she did and wore. And all though Emma's style isn't entirely what I'm into right now, I still admire her as a person. I'm still following the project she's working on and am secretly still really proud and happy with the autograph I got of her. And yes I did see her twice in real life. I can say I'm a Emma Watson fangirl. 

04 November 2012

Join me on a trip to New Zealand

New Zealand. Who wouldn't want to go there? Before I turn the age of 30.. I want to travel the world. Visit every continent and a lot of country's. New Zealand, is definitely one of them. And not only because of all the amazing film locations, but because of the nature the diversity and Kiwi accent. Especially with all the promotion for the Hobbit coming. And a presentation about all the Lord of the Rings locations at RingCon makes me eager to get on a plane and go. Like this video, take a moment to watch it. For a fangirl like me, this makes me want to book a ticket and go.

02 November 2012

The Photobook

01 November 2012