FarBeyondBelieving: Sweater weather

17 November 2012

Sweater weather

It's cold, dark and winter is coming. And as I actually don't mind the winter, especially when it's snowy. I love shopping for new sweaters, cardigans and other winter fashion. The only bad thing, most of the time everything gets a bit more expensive. Until I ran in to this sweater.
"Oh look! That sweater is cute, look at the zippers." I expected a price around 40 euros, because it's H&M, and it couldn't be that expensive. But the card said 15 euros. I couldn't believe it and ran into the store to check it. And yes, it was really 15 euros. I would say that's a hell of a bargain!

I like my sweaters to be a bit big so it isn't to tight. And I bought a large of this one, yes a large. Normally I'm a size small, but this one seemed a bit tight and the large felt better than the medium. And here I am wearing my super comfy 15 euro sweater which I absolutely love!


  1. Love it, really like the knitting on it!

  2. Mooie trui! Ik wilde al een tijdje de grijze versie. Misschien is die ook wel afgeprijst. Van de week even gaan kijken. :)

  3. Wat een leuke trui! Die ritsjes maken het helemaal af!


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