FarBeyondBelieving: (Christmas) Wishlist

28 November 2012

(Christmas) Wishlist

I seem to like black, don't I? Well in case someone sees this.. When you buy me one of these presents for Christmas.. You're good! (and very amazing)

I fell in love with Star Wars collection of Black Milk, can I afford any of these pieces? Definitely not! The 3 DVD's are definitely on my wishlist tho. Dexter season 1-5 (I got up to the end of season 2 in a week and a half, oeps?), New Girl and the special edition of the Dark Knight Rises.
All black Dr. Martens are definitely my style and will nicely fit next to my bordeaux ones. Just as the all black biker boots, love it. A cross or Batman top are always good with me, just as the leather biker jacket. As I don't really have a black bag this one seems like a nice one. And my sweet side definitely needs Taylor Swift's: Wonderstruck perfume.  


  1. Nice list! The Star Wars collection look awesome!

  2. That Star Wars collection <3
    I actually like everything you've picked out, although I would wear those leggings (chubby legs) I still love it.

  3. Ah another DEXTER addict! I so love Dexter! Great wishlist!




  4. i have a pair of doc martens on my wishlist as well. fingers crossed!

  5. Nice wishes! <3
    Love the clothes and kind of galaxy panty? :D

  6. OMG, THOSE STAR WARS LEGGINGS! Why is Black Milk so damn expensive?!

  7. die legging is te awesome. I . WANT.


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