FarBeyondBelieving: Favourite #1: Basic jewellery

26 November 2012

Favourite #1: Basic jewellery

Basic jewellery. The key for more. Just like clothes, basics are very important. These are pieces I'm able to wear with everything. It doesn't matter which outfit I wear these do always fit, plus most of them mean something to me. Most of these pieces are silver as I rather spend a bit more money on basic pieces. Or people give them to me so they last longer.

The silver clover: I got this necklace from my younger sister for my 20th birthday. She has the same one and always wears it. This is our 'sister necklace.'
The blue Swarovski necklace: This was a present my boyfriend gave me for my 21st birthday. I didn't expect it at all and am in love with the color and simplicity of this beauty.
The silver leaf: This is a present of my grandma, it's something she got from my grandpa (who died before I was even born), all my (female) cousins got one like this. 

The top bracelet: This is a gift I got from my other grandma when I graduated secondaire school. So I'll always remember her (she's still alive tho).
The other two: These are bracelets I got myself, simple and easy to wear.

The turquoise left ring: A ring I bought to fit my necklace and as a basic piece.
Moonstone ring: I love moonstones and couldn't help myself when I saw this beauty at the Elf Fantasy Fair, 20 euros for a silver ring with moonstones? Yes please.
The silver stone ring: I got this ring together with the top bracelet as a set, a graduation gift.


  1. Oh die Swarovski ketting, super mooi!

  2. I love basic stuff <3 but always love to add some more catching pieces now and then.

  3. hele mooie kettingen, ringen en arbanden heb je zeg! x

  4. Hele mooie sieraden, ik zou ze zo allemaal dragen!

  5. Heel mooi! Vooral de ketting met dat klavertje vier :)

    Even iets heel anders... Heel mooi portfolio heb je ook! Ik ga je volgen :D

  6. Mooie items! Ik heb ook zo'n klavertje vier, gekregen van mijn beste vriendinnetjes toen ik me bij de KVK inschreef.Vind je ketting en ring met die blauwe steen ook prachtig.

  7. Mooie sieraden! Zou ik zo ook kunnen kopen:)

  8. Love the Swarovski necklace, the turquoise is so pretty!

  9. Ik ben HELEMAAL in love met je strik armbandje!!
    Wat leuk!!


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