FarBeyondBelieving: Inspiration: Jeroen Toirkens

23 November 2012

Inspiration: Jeroen Toirkens

Source: nomadslife

Photography. Something which seems to be a part of my life at the moment. With my minor: photojournalism, I get to know a lot amazing photographers. Last Wednesday Jeroen Toirkens did a lecture for students in Utrecht. (student tour) We went there with our class and as he won a 'Silver Camera' in the Netherlands and another Worldpress price. I was curious what is his work like.

He was going talk about his photo serie: Nomadslife. And what an impression he left! This photo report is beautiful! I can't say anything else about it. It took him 12 years to take all these photos and I loved all of them. There wasn't one photo I didn't like. I immediately subscribed to a list to get his book. (as it's sold out) And yes I'm willing to pay 40 euros for it. The photos I selected are some of the best ones but you should definitely check out his website. I still dream away when I watch these photos.

He also made some videos for this project, shot on a Canon 5D Mark II on which he won a Canon Price. They're as beautiful as some of his photos. So definitely check these out as well. I can't wait for his documentary, all though that might take a while...


  1. Wow, love his portraits! I'm in love with the first picture, love the colours!

  2. Ahw, die tweede foto is zo cute!

  3. Wow. Ik vind het nomadenleven sowieso wel interessant. Gaaf dat hij dat heeft vastgelegd!

  4. Wat een prachtplaatjes zeg!! Gaaf dat hij het zo heeft vast kunnen leggen. Ik zit nu trouwens in mijn 1e jaar;)!

  5. Ja zijn werk is echt prachtig! In Rotterdam ben ik bij zijn werk gaan kijken, prachtig!! Het is allemaal zo echt, alsof je er zelf bij bent


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