FarBeyondBelieving: Waking up nicely

12 November 2012

Waking up nicely

A very good morning to all of you! I think it's one of those days on which you want to treat yourself with a lovely breakfast. Well at least when you've got some time, and late/no school or work. Well I definitely like to wake up with a breakfast like this once in a while.

- Cruesli with milk
- A lovely Turkish Apple flavored tea
- A cracker with salami, bree and cucumber. 


I'm not a very big eater in the morning, so until around 11.. I'm absolutely fine with the amount of this. And as you see it's very easy to make.
What do you guys like to eat in the morning?


  1. I eat about the same amount :) But I prefer a cracker with salami/cheese/etc better for lunch than breakfast.

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  3. Het ziet er heerlijk uit! Zelf ben ik ook niet zo'n grote eter in de morgen maar ik probeer toch wel goed te ontbijten. Of met crackers of met kwark met appel en kaneel, een keer een gekookt eitje etc :)!

  4. Yummy!! Die pickwick thee is echt lekker! Mijn favoriet momenteel is Herfst Storm. <3


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