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22 November 2012

Daily make-up

Make-up. I wear it. But am not that much into it if I'm totally honest. I love natural, especially with skin colors. I hardly wear foundation, powders or concealers. When there are huge bags or spots in my face, I might put a bit on. But the only things I use daily are my mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. My eyebrows are quite heavy, that's why I hardly put on eyeshadow. And I don't really mind my freckles or imperfections in my face. Another thing.. It takes so much time! If there's very special party, or dress code I like to make my eyes smokey or give them a nice color. But not in my daily life. 

Excuse me for the condition my mascara is in. But I take this mascara with me quite a bit and that's why the print is coming of. But I use Maybelline: The Falsies. I've been using the Maybelline line for about 4 years now, I love it and it's actually affordable. I did try the Chanel mascara once, and it's amazing, but the price isn't. The eyeliner I use is a liquid one with a tiny brush. Glam Eyes from Rimmel London. It's the second time I bought this as I really liked it and keeps good all day. My all time favorit lipgloss is Mac's Diva, a bordeaux red. And because I don't wear that much make-up I can impress with my lips. (I don't wear this everyday, but try to wear it as much as I can)

Make-up isn't that important to me, I rather impress with clothes, accessoires or my hairstyle. Especially clothes is the thing I spend most of time on in the morning.


  1. I like this look on you, it suits you :)! I wear BB cream to even out my skin tone and use concealer to cover up some blemishes, but not more then needed.

    I like to put some time in my make up in the morning, but mostly because I like it, not because I use so much :)

  2. Echt heel mooi Nieke! Gaaf licht -en kleurgebruik in de foto :)

  3. Oeh, die lipstick is mooi! Staat je goed! Ik gebruik dan, in tegenstelling tot jou, wel 'veel' make-up. Niet omdat ik het perse nodig heb maar omdat ik het leuk vind. Ik kan me helemaal uitleven met foundation, poedertjes, oogschaduw, eyeliner, mascara enz. en vind het ook heerlijk om hier 's morgens wat tijd in te steken.

  4. Your make-up really makes a statement, even though it's simple. :) I love the Falsies mascara btw, so good!

    I'm following your blog, check out mine? xx


  5. Love the lipstick! I use a bit more product than you do, but I prefer going all out with clothes too rather than with make-up. I do however love to spice up my face with lots of different colours of lipstick. Lipstick junkie here!


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