FarBeyondBelieving: December 2012

31 December 2012


photo made last year at the London Eye

We all survived 'the end of the world', it's now officially 2013!

So what was 2012 like? For me it was a year of things I can't even imagine to be only a year ago. I found someone I really liked, and still like. I left London and found another place in London, for yet another internship. I never visited the airport more than this year. Did a lot of fun things with my friends which includes Rock Werchter which was such an amazing experience. I attended an Olympic event and met new people. I went to my very first RingCon and met a lot of amazing actors. I'm about to finish school and got most of my 'point' to actually graduate.

A lot more happened but for now, I just wanted to wish all of you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve and are enjoying a glass of champagne or wine with family or friends. I'll be somewhere in a pub in London, probably drinking a wine with my boyfriend and his friends. Enjoy your nights!

28 December 2012

26 December 2012


This is a little impression of what I did for Christmas with friends. Or as we call it.. Nerdmas!

24 December 2012

Tag: First thing..

I saw this tag on deliciae.org and thought I'd give this a try.
A random photo of me and a Aragorn cosplayer at RingCon 2012.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning:
Turn of my alarm clock and snooze it for another 10 minutes. After that I check if I've got any messages most of the time. Then I get up to turn on my computer and take a shower or get dressed. It depends on what I did the night befroe.

First things you do when you get to the gym:
As I actually go to the gym, I lock down my bike first and get in to change, fill up my water bottle and do some bodypump, spinning or work out.

22 December 2012

Review: Essie polish

This is my 100th post! In 7 months I managed to post 100 posts, I'd say this is my best attempt on blogging so far. Thanks for still following and commenting guys!

And as you read this blog, I'm in the a long car drive on my way to Austria. I did line up some posts before I went on which I worked really hard. So I hope you all enjoy these posts. And I'll try to post a blog about how my Christmas and NYE were/are, but I'm not sure if I have WiFi or the time to do it. Expect some posts about it in the new year, January 3rd I'm back and kicking! Now on the the review.

20 December 2012

InstaDiary: 1st part of December

I made so much Instagram photos this month. That I'm going to split it in two. And this is going to be the very first half of December.
My boyfriend came over, as we always do we go out for a lot of lunches and dinners. Because we have to catch up on a month not seeing each other. We went to this very cute coffee shop which was called 'Koffie & Ik' and had brunch at the Bagels & Beans. We visited my parents and went for a walk with the four of us, the view was amazing, just like the weather. I also decided to light up my new candle: Winter Time.

19 December 2012

So many places to visit

So this is going to be another post in Dutch. Sorry guys. As this concerns an article about a Dutch website. The next post will definitely be in English again.
Ik roep al ontzettend lang dat ik nog zo graag wil reizen. In een ander land wil wonen. Dit laatste heb ik al bereikt en ga ik dan ook voortzetten met opnieuw mijn vertrek naar Londen vanaf eind januari. Maar er zijn nog zoveel meer plekken waar ik graag naar toe wil. Want ik ben nog lang niet overal geweest. En hierom blijf ik zeggen, de komende 8 jaar wil ik sowieso nog geen kinderen, want ik MOET reizen. En waar wil ik nou echt nog heen? Hier volgt voor jullie een lijstje.

Rome, want hier ben ik nog helemaal niet geweest. Ik wil ontzettend graag het Colosseum zien en de stad bewonderen. En is dit niet gewoon haalbaar? Natuurlijk wel, zolang ik maar niet in het midden van de zomer ga. Maar zo zijn er nog heel wat meer steden in Europa die ik nog ontzettend graag wil zien. Athene en alle oude Griekse cultuur. Ik wil toch stiekem weer een keer terug naar Parijs. En ik ben ook nog helemaal niet zoveel in het oosten van Europa geweest. En steden als Stockholm, ja ik wil ook ontzettend graag een keer het noordelijke deel van Europa zien, want volgens mij is de Scandinavische natuur prachtig.

Maar buiten Europa, natuurlijk wil ik daar maar al te graag heen. En stiekem heeft dit ook toch wel de prioriteit. Zoals ik jullie eerder in een blog heb verteld wil ik ontzettend graag naar New York. Maar wat ik nog liever zo willen, een road trip door Amerika. Heel veel steden langs, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington. Ja ik wil er allemaal wel heen, maar mijn portemonnee, die laat nog even op zich wachten.

Daarnaast hoeft een vakantie niet ontzettend duur te zijn. Heb je een flexibele baan, boek dan gewoon een last minute. Deze zijn helemaal niet zo duur, vooral niet in de combinatie van vliegreis en hotel samen.

Ben jij eventueel nog op zoek naar een stedentrip? Check deze link, en misschien staat er nog wel wat voor je tussen.

Waar wil jij nog graag eens heen?

17 December 2012

Review: BB cream

Without the BB cream on. I'm not wearing any make-up on this picture. 

15 December 2012

Crush #6: Ian Somerhalder

It was about time for another crush. Ian Somerhalder. Most of you might know him as Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diares, or maybe Boone in Lost. He has been a model before his acting career but picked the acting over the modeling. But Ian also has his own foundation called ISF. (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) And as I worked along to the International Green Awards (in London) last year I know he won one for 'Most Responsible Celebrity' this year. He launched his foundation on the 8th of December 2010, which is also his birthday. He hopes to educate people on the importance of protecting the environment and animals: "Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and raise funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends.

And next to all that.. We have to say he's quite enjoyable to look at, isn't he?

14 December 2012

Food: Wahaca

As I was going through some of my old pictures, I thought.. Why not share one of my favorite restaurants in London with you guys. And all though I like a lot of different kinds of food. The one restaurant I really want to go to everytime I'm in London. Is: Wahaca. A Mexican place which serves the food like tapas. You can order different kind of dishes and share it with a group, in this way, you're able to get a bit of everything.

13 December 2012

12 December 2012

11 December 2012

Midnight premieres

Midnight premieres. A lot of you might have never been to one. But I definitely have. The last three Harry Potter movies, Eclipse and the Dark Knight Rises. Those are the movies I've seen in the middle of the night. And the next one will be.. The Hobbit! And as I've never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies in an actual cinema, (I know, terrible) I'm super excited.

Tonight at 12-12-'12 staring at 0:12 I'll see the Hobbit in Pathe Eindhoven, dressed Hobbit-like. Because I'm planning to wear a part of my Frodo outfit, I'm not going all out as I want to get comfortable while watching the movie. But a bit of it, definitely!
I might blog a review later, when the movie is released a bit longer. With of course pictures, and as we're going with a group of 15 people, that will not be a problem!

What do you guys think of midnight premieres? Have you ever been so passionate about a movie that you had to see it the night it released.

09 December 2012

Favourite #2: Mumford & Sons

So I've decided that the 'Favourite' I did a while ago might be a good recurring subject. I'll pick a subject of whatever, last time it was my own jewellery. This time it's going to be one of my favourite bands at the moment: 'Mumford & Sons'. 
As I just watched their new film on Blu-Ray. The Road to Red Rocks. I fell absolutely in love again. For those of you who don't know Mumfors & Sons (which seems slightly impossible) they're a British folk rock band from London and got popular in quite a short amount of time. The band consists of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, "Country" Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane.
They're absolutely amazing live and as I saw them at Rock Werchter last year I can definitely say they are. I have to miss out on their show in Amsterdam as I'll be in London for my internship at that time. And as they're doing their shows in London right now, I'm not gonna be able to go unfortunately. But there might be an opportunity over the summer, as I'm sure they'll do some festivals. The music they make sound like a sunny autumn afternoon which I would be able to enjoy every day.

Watch the trailer for their new cd/dvd/blu-ray here. And the newest music video over here. What do you all think of Mumford and Sons?

07 December 2012

To old for dressing up?

First of all, thanks so much all for the comments on my video. I've got a lot of comments on me 'not looking in the camera'. But I've got a flip screen, so I was looking at.. myself. I'll try to pay attention to that next time and thanks for pointing it out to me. 

06 December 2012

Video: What do you guys think?

What would you guys think of me doing some more videos like this? Travel videos, event videos, reviews? Would it be good as a weekly thing? Let me know!

I've been doing this a few times before but thought it might be a nice combination for the blog. Especially with a lot of events and holidays are coming up. Hope I did okay in this one!

05 December 2012

Going out the Country

I don't think I told you guys this yet. But I'll be gone for 2 weeks around the Christmas. Yes you heard that right, 2 weeks! So I won't be spending Christmas or New Years in the country and as I actually never been gone for both, this is going to be different but definitely very exciting. 

Christmas week will be spend in Austria together with my mom, dad, sister, boyfriend and two friends of my parents. Like every year since I was 3 years old. But this year.. My boyfriend is joining us, and it's actually his first ski holiday. We will be celebrating Christmas there and all though ski holidays are tiring, and this might sounds very weird, the mountain air gives me such a relaxed feeling. I love snow and don't mind the cold while being on a ski holiday. Skiing has been my sport for 14 years and I've been doing this professional, so it's means a lot to me. We'll stay in Austria for 6 days and from Innsbruck me and my boyfriend will fly to London!

And that's where I'll spend my New Years, just like last year. But this time I won't be going to the London Eye to see the fireworks. I'll spend it the British way, in a pub, with my boyfriend's mates. Definitely not drinking along with all the Brits, as I won't be able to handle their drinking habits. But not only New Years, I might be able to sort out some stuff for my apartment and the last bits for my internship. 

And if you're still wondering? I'm absolutely excited about this holiday!

03 December 2012

Playing an instrument

You know what? I regret never starting to play an instrument. I had a discussion with friends about instruments and sport. As a parents makes a decision about what their kids start to do at a young. And of course they can decide on their own on a later age. I've always been to busy with sport. At one point I did skiing, gymnastics and tennis at the same time. So that meant.. Sporting 5 times a week. And of course that's to much for someone with the age of 8 years old. When I was 12 I stopped gymnastics and tennis and added jazz ballet. I only did that for one year as the skiing was already enough for me.

But I wish I started learning playing the piano or guitar. A lot of people around me play the piano brilliantly. Or sing while playing the guitar. I started playing the acoustic guitar a while ago, but still fail miserable. The thing which makes it even harder, I'm a lefty. Which makes it hard for people to help me out, because they have to teach me the other way around. But as I still can't play it.. I love watching videos on Youtube of people who can play an instrument amazingly. I'll show you some of my favorites, they make me want to play an instrument badly! The videos look amazing and wow, the instrumental performance. Amazing! So please check these videos out, if you play an instrument.. Or even if you don't. These guys are inspiring!

01 December 2012

InstaDiary: November

InstaDiary! I've seen this on multiple blogs, but I don't want to spend a blogpost on this every week. So I'm keeping it a monthly thing, so you can all see what I've been doing the past month. This should be very interesting!
This was my week of studying, cozy socks, filming a video of an orchestra, the day my canvas came in and I enjoyed my very first Christmas Starbucks. Me and a friend chilling out at, yes school. A very 'busy' day haha. We just had our exam tho. The last two is one of my other besties getting her bachelor! So proud. The last one is her with her brother and sisters.