FarBeyondBelieving: InstaDiary: 1st part of December

20 December 2012

InstaDiary: 1st part of December

I made so much Instagram photos this month. That I'm going to split it in two. And this is going to be the very first half of December.
My boyfriend came over, as we always do we go out for a lot of lunches and dinners. Because we have to catch up on a month not seeing each other. We went to this very cute coffee shop which was called 'Koffie & Ik' and had brunch at the Bagels & Beans. We visited my parents and went for a walk with the four of us, the view was amazing, just like the weather. I also decided to light up my new candle: Winter Time.
My first VLOG appeared on the blog. I went for a night of photographing with the police. And of course, the very first snow fall! Everything looks so much prettier with snow, and yes I do love snow. I went to help out on a ski match, which made me look like a character of Tron. (thermo underwear, to keep me warm) The ski sloop was actually filled with snow as it's normally green. (no it's not grass, go Google it!)
I bought 'the Road to Red Rocks' BluRay performed by Mumford & Sons, which you all should watch because it's amazing. I went to see 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' dressed up as a Hobbit, or Frodo, whatever you wan to say. And like Starbucks always does, they misspelled my name, while I clearly said Nieke. Me and a few of my classmates also visited the new Zara in Utrecht, which looks really amazing.
My very first Essie nailpolish, a red glittery one, and beautiful blue one. I made more photos, at kids football games this time. I posted a blogpost about Ian Somerhalder. And went to see FC Utrecht - SV Heerenveen, and yes I do like football and am a FC Utrecht supporter. So I'm very happy to say that we won 3-1. We also celebrated our annual Nerdmas. Which was amazing, just like the friends house we celebrated it in. We did a game called 'dobbelspel'. I love good times with friends!


  1. Leuke foto's!
    En leuke blog!
    Je kunt echt goed engels zeg!

  2. Wat een leuke foto's weer zeg! En dat je verkleed was als een hobbit is echt cool :D

  3. Oeh, the Essie nailpolishes look great! I can't wait to see The Hobbit myself! Great pictures :)

  4. Ik moet zeggen dat ik posts met Instagram foto's vaak een beetje storend vind. Misschien de manier waarop het is opgemaakt. Maar bij jou straalt het rust uit, echt heel fijn zoals jij het hebt, haha.

    Wat vet, dat van de politie! Kunnen we het ergens bekijken?

    En verder: jammer van FC Utrecht, haha. Maar wel tof dat je van voetbal houdt! ;) (dat wordt nog wat, zondag Utrecht - Ajax.)

  5. wat een super leuke foto's en je blog is ook heel leuk!

  6. Lovely photos. :) It's so nice to hear about everyone's life among cute little photos.. Eventful past days you've got!

    Thanks for stopping by. Your studies sound interesting by the way, noticed them on your profile page. Might be something I'd like to try, since my cultural management studies aren't really going forward at the moment. :D

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    Indie by heart

  7. Oh wow! Sooo beautiful photos!! :)

  8. Wat een leuke foto's! Is het resultaat van je nachtje politiefoto's ergens te zien?

  9. Ik wou dat ik zo vaak aan mijn Instagram dacht, haha :) ik post er zelden op! Komt waarcshijnlijk ook omdat ik enkel thuis internet heb :) Je foto's zijn heel leuk :) Ik ben vorig weekend ook naar The Hobbit geweest, echt een ge-wel-dige film! x


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