FarBeyondBelieving: Nerdmas

26 December 2012


This is a little impression of what I did for Christmas with friends. Or as we call it.. Nerdmas!
I did some filming this day, which I'll post online later. As I didn't have time to edit it before I went on a holiday. I'm sorry! I really tried to finish it, but as I've been really busy with school as well, I've been trying to write as much blogs as I could. So yes, I've pilled al these posts up so you'll guys still see some blogs. 

Back to Nerdmas! This is the 4th year we celebrated it, and all though there were some people added to the group, my friends mean a lot to me. We do a lot of things together and are all in love with everything, books and fantasy. And of course we're not entirely the same. We love a lot of similar things. We're ended up doing a 'dicing game'. Called 'het dobbelspel' in the Netherlands. Everyone takes a present(s) and then you start dicing for which one you want. First with wrapped presents, later unwrapped. We also had some lovely vegetarian dinner, as two girls in the group are veggies. Such an amazing evening!


  1. Wow, het is net of Robin vliegt op die eerste foto, haha. Ik dacht dat haar been links van dat meisje naast haar was :p Leuk foto's! :D

  2. Nerdmas sounds fun!

    Fijne kerst nog en gelukkig nieuw jaar alvast!

  3. Sounds like fun! Merry Christmas Nieke!

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