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22 December 2012

Review: Essie polish

This is my 100th post! In 7 months I managed to post 100 posts, I'd say this is my best attempt on blogging so far. Thanks for still following and commenting guys!

And as you read this blog, I'm in the a long car drive on my way to Austria. I did line up some posts before I went on which I worked really hard. So I hope you all enjoy these posts. And I'll try to post a blog about how my Christmas and NYE were/are, but I'm not sure if I have WiFi or the time to do it. Expect some posts about it in the new year, January 3rd I'm back and kicking! Now on the the review.
These are my two very first Essie nailpolish. I've heard a lot of good things about it and the 'Etos' sold two bottles for 15 euros. Well I would say that's cheap for Essie. So I bought these two, Leading Lady and Trophy Wife. The red sparkly one is perfect for the holidays and the blue/greeny one is just a color I'll always enjoy.

The Essie polish stays on for really long and I'm very happy with both products. I'm still wearing the sparkly one now and it stayed on for at least 5 days without chipping. The brush is big and very easy to apply with. Essie nailpolish is definitely something I would buy again.

I'm sorry for the terrible nail on my ring finger, it accidentally ripped of and now looks horrible.

What do you think of the two colors?


  1. They're pretty!


  2. I really like Essie polishes, I have 3 of them myself, but I'd love some more colours, because the ones I have myself are quite summery colours. Too bad they're quite expensive. I love the colours you own!

  3. Wauw wat een mooie kleurtjes! xx

  4. The colors are amazing for christmas time, I´d chose the red sparkly one!

  5. Vind het beide echt prachtkleurtjes! Lekker feestelijk! Have fun in Austria:)


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