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03 December 2012

Playing an instrument

You know what? I regret never starting to play an instrument. I had a discussion with friends about instruments and sport. As a parents makes a decision about what their kids start to do at a young. And of course they can decide on their own on a later age. I've always been to busy with sport. At one point I did skiing, gymnastics and tennis at the same time. So that meant.. Sporting 5 times a week. And of course that's to much for someone with the age of 8 years old. When I was 12 I stopped gymnastics and tennis and added jazz ballet. I only did that for one year as the skiing was already enough for me.

But I wish I started learning playing the piano or guitar. A lot of people around me play the piano brilliantly. Or sing while playing the guitar. I started playing the acoustic guitar a while ago, but still fail miserable. The thing which makes it even harder, I'm a lefty. Which makes it hard for people to help me out, because they have to teach me the other way around. But as I still can't play it.. I love watching videos on Youtube of people who can play an instrument amazingly. I'll show you some of my favorites, they make me want to play an instrument badly! The videos look amazing and wow, the instrumental performance. Amazing! So please check these videos out, if you play an instrument.. Or even if you don't. These guys are inspiring!

Oh and other then that. I dream away with soundtrack. Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Howard Shore and Marc Streitenfeld. Wow!
And not to forget about this video I shot a few weeks ago. This is actually an orchestra very close to where I live. Aren't they absolutely amazing? 


  1. My aunt has a guitar herself, she used to be able to play it and I've always wanted to learn from her. But I don't think she can do it anymore. It's something you have to keep doing in order to be and stay good at. And I love to see people playing piano, but I think it would be too difficult for me personally to learn.

  2. Can't you find a teacher that is actually left handed? I'm sure there are people who can help you. Maybe there are even resources on the internet for lefties?

    I wanted to play guitar when I was younger too (I sometimes still want to), but can't afford to buy one or get lessons... :'( Plus I don't think my hands like it much.

    The music in those videos is amazing! I love it!

  3. Never knew you could be left handed in playing an instrument :)
    I guess we are all forced to learn it the "right" way in music school.
    But I understand your point, I'm really grateful that I do it since I were young. Even though I wined about a looot!
    Btw, I love that Assasins Creed music, never heared about it before!


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