FarBeyondBelieving: Crush #6: Ian Somerhalder

15 December 2012

Crush #6: Ian Somerhalder

It was about time for another crush. Ian Somerhalder. Most of you might know him as Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diares, or maybe Boone in Lost. He has been a model before his acting career but picked the acting over the modeling. But Ian also has his own foundation called ISF. (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) And as I worked along to the International Green Awards (in London) last year I know he won one for 'Most Responsible Celebrity' this year. He launched his foundation on the 8th of December 2010, which is also his birthday. He hopes to educate people on the importance of protecting the environment and animals: "Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and raise funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends.

And next to all that.. We have to say he's quite enjoyable to look at, isn't he?


  1. Oh I love him! Besides being a great actor, he's also an amazing person. What more can you want? I hope I can meet him one day.

  2. Hij heeft echt van die ogen waar je in kan verdrinken, haha!

  3. Did you already decide to go to any TVD con to go about and meet him, hihi? ISF is such a great foundation!

  4. Woow! Gave foto s!!!Hij ziet er goed uit!haha
    Bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog!

  5. Hubba hubba! <3

    Sometimes he can look kind of creepy though. It's the light eyes and the smirking he does, lol.

  6. Toen hij in Lost speelde, dacht ik: well hellooooo. Maar in The Vampire Diaries is hij pas echt een god. Liefde voor die man.


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