FarBeyondBelieving: April 2013

27 April 2013

NEW: Balenciaga look-a-like boots

Most of you told me to save up my money. But when I saw these baby's at Office I couldn't help myself. I've been looking for them for over a year and mostly saw them with gold buckles. And as I'm more of a silver person, I always wanted silver buckles. And here they were, the perfect Balenciaga look-a-like boots. So I'm sorry money, but this are the first shoes I've bought this year and are perfect for this time of the year. I think I'm in love!

What do you guys think?

25 April 2013

19 April 2013

Dreamhouse #14

This castle has been remade in to a house. Yes an old castle, remade in to a house. And me.. As a massive fantasy fan, would definitely want to live here! Look at the location.. And continue on to the interieur. I think it looks gorgeous!

Astley Castle is the name of it, based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. It was supposed to be fort in the Second World War, and would afterwards be made into a hotel. Which didn't really work out the way they wanted. People forgot about the please until a few years ago. The government held a contest to get the best idea from architects and so the Witherford Watson Mann Architects got to renovate the castle. And this is what it turned out to be:

17 April 2013

Movies: Superhero madness

It's 2013, once again a great year for movies. If you know which ones I've already seen. Check out my movie list. But I've already seen 6 movies in the cinema. (Life of Pi, Les Miserables, Django Unchained, Side Effects, the Host, the Place Beyond the Pines) But now we're looking forward, more and more trailers are starting to pop up and there's a lot to look forward to.

And as you might have noticed, superhero movies are everywhere. Especially this next year. (and don't forget about last year, the Avengers, Spiderman...) These are the ones coming up the next few months I'm very excited for. Unfortunately my favourite superhero (sssh it's DC, don't tell Marvel) is not doing any movies at the moment (yes it's Batman), but there might be some hope for a Justice League movie. But a very close second favourite, Iron Man, luckily will be in the list.

Iron Man 3
Trailer: here
I already told about my secret crush on Robert Downey Jr. before. But this Iron Man movie looks epic! Everything is about to go wrong and of course, there's going to be a new bad guy. And I secretly hope, that it will be better then the second movie, which I liked but didn't love. Oh and don't forget! Always stay until the end of the credits during a Marvel movie, there might be something more waiting for you!

16 April 2013

99 Things..

Arlette posted a blog about this and as I already did several of these on my Tumblr, I thought I'd give it a go on here. I love tags and this is one I couldn't let go. The ones I did are bold, I wrote some comments at other ones as well.

1. Set up your own blog - Apparently I did.
2. Having slept under the starry sky - On a beach, in a sleeping bag.  
3. Played in a band - I wish I could play an instrument and play in one.
4. Visited Hawaii - Maybe once!

5. Seen falling meteorites - Does a star count? Haha.
6. Spend more on a good cause than you could actually afford
7. Visited Disneyland - The one in Paris!

8. Climbed a mountain - I went abseiling, canoeing and climbing. So this is definitely a yes.
9. Held a grasshoper - When we went camping they just seemed to jump on your hand.
10. Sang a solo - In a musical and in my room. Yikes.
11. Bungee jumping
12. Visited Paris - Once, when I was 14, with my family.
13. Watched a thunderstorm - Lots of times. I am not a big fan of thunder tho.
14. Having taught yourself an art form - Is HTML an art form? Otherwise it would be drawing or editing (photos and videos), oh and not to forget about photography of course.

15 April 2013

About diets, sports and losing weight..

So summer is coming closer and everyone is trying to get in shape again. While summer is not even the main reason for me, and I don't necessarily want to lose weight. (I do want my belly tight to get back in to my Daenerys costume tho) Because aren't muscles heavier than fat? But sport and eating healthy is. My boyfriend has been doing this fasting diet' over the last few weeks, and I've been keeping telling him he should stop.
Because the thing was, he wasn't having breakfast, but only a shake in the morning. He goes to the gym 3 times a week (before work), and has 2 big meals after that. But only on training days he has big portions. I finally got him off that from this week on. And we're back on a normal schedule now.

But what am I doing to stay healthy? I finally started running again last week after not doing any sports for 2 months. And believe me, that is a very long time for me. Since I was 6 years old I've been doing sports for at least 2 days a week. I've been doing gymnastics (age 6 to 12), tennis (age 6 to 11), professional skiing (age 6 to 19), jazzballet (age 12 to 13) and I've been going to the gym from the age of 14 until about 2 months ago. Because of my internship (and money) I decided not to go the gym in London yet but try to do some stuff on my own. I'm a very sporty person and as it's always been important to me I have to get back to it. I still have a goal to walk a marathon before I turn 30 years old.

12 April 2013

What to buy: Help me out!

I'm stuck in a dilemma. (first world problem?) I promised myself that I can buy one of these babies. But I really can't decide. What would you guys do?

1. Nike Free Run 3.0
I started running again and love these beauties. (but only for running!) They're supposed to be very comfortable as well.

2. A leather biker jacket
I think I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket for about 3 years now. And I know where to buy it.. But it's quite an expense.

3. Camera equipment
I've got some stuff I want for my DSLR, especially for filming. So a shoulder rig, microphone and viewfinder would do!

10 April 2013

Life.. It's passing by so fast!

Source: woods-dweller

Nieke, you're probably graduating in 2 months. You'll be finishing school and get your bachelor. It's time to make decisions.. Help? Even by the thought of it I'm already freaking out. I try not to worry to much but everyone who knows me quite well knows I'm a stresser. A planner. What will I do when I finish school? Will I go back to the Netherlands to find a job? Or stay in London, living with my boyfriend. Am I ready to work full time on the age of 21. Or do I want to get a master?

Everything is coming closer and closer.. Creeping up on me. Because of my graduation the blog posting is not going as well as it did before. I'm sorry about that! But school is the most important thing right now. Working 5 days a week, from 9 to 6 is quite tough. 

So today I'm leaving you guys with a song about 'the good life'. To settle down for the day. I have some blogposts coming up, they need some more time for writing. So here you go, a band I'll see live in 2 weeks somewhere around Shephard's Bush in London: OneRepublic.

07 April 2013

InstaDiary: March

I almost forgot about my InstaDiary! So here we go.

Our living room is finally starting to get there. - Our limited edition poster came in. - Taxi Driver poster. - Outfit of the day. - Inside HBO's: Game of Thrones. - The table arrived as well! - Velvet skirt. - First dinner at the dining table.

05 April 2013

03 April 2013

2022: A day in my life

I throw my pillow across the room. 'Turn the music off!' A loud guitar sneer comes from downstairs. When I turn around and touch my iPhone 9, a screen pops up, 11:30.
'It's half 11 get out of bed.' Joe jumps up the stairs and peaks in to my room. 'What're you still doing in bed?' I wave the screen away and turn around.
'I have a week of, I needed sleep.' I slowly sit up, the sun peaking through the curtains. I just came back from a month trip to Scotland for some filming, my first big job as a assistant director. A new tv show for HBO which I can't say the name of. The only thing I can say is that it's medieval-fantasy show, but very different from Game of Thrones, which ended 3 years ago.
'I can see that. Do you want to go out for lunch?' I nod and slowly get up. I walk into the next door walk-in closet and put on my dressing gown. I managed to get one of the two spare rooms into a walk-in closet. As long as the other room could be used for gaming and Joe's guitar. We moved in about two years ago, the two floored apartment outside the center of London seemed perfect. The music turned on again, I walk down the stairs while taking a quick look in the mirror. My hair is insanely curly, like it always is in  the morning.