FarBeyondBelieving: July 2012

31 July 2012

Crush #3: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy as Bane, behind the scenes while filming a battle scene.

I think it's time for a man crush this time! I had a bit of a struggle of picking one for this week. (I couldn't pick one of four) But as my obsession with the Dark Knight Rises grew in the last week I decided to go for Tom Hardy. I definitely didn't see all of his movie but was absolutely impressed by his roles in Inception, Warrior and The Dark Knight Rises. Did you see the weight he gained for his roles? Especially in Warrior and as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. Only for the role as Bane he gained 14 kgs (30,8 lbs) in 12 weeks. Quite impressive right?
I'm definitely planning on seeing more of his movies and will keep looking out for more. And just to add this, my eyes don't mind looking at him. The other thing I like? He isn't the mainstream pretty guy.

The weird thing about this story? Two months ago I walked into Tom Hardy, no this is not a joke. I was visiting my boyfriend in London and we went out with his parents for a day at Hampton Coart. We were walking around, doing a little bit of shopping. And at that moment my boyfriend starts shaking me around whispering, 'Woaa that's Tom Hardy'. I turned around and after recently seeing Warrior I was quite confused by his appearance, he lost a lot of weight and had quite a big beard. Nothing wrong with that of course! I asked if I had to go over to him and ask for an autograph. But as Tom was just out for lunch with his girlfriend we both decided we didn't really want to bother him.
The things happening to you in London.. Walk into Tom Hardy, quite unrealistic.

I'll try to get a post about my holiday in Kos online as soon as possible.

29 July 2012

27 July 2012

Holiday products

I'm actually not that much of a 'beauty person'. But I do like to keep my skin clean and especially not burn. So these are a few of the beauty product I do take with me to make sure my skin will stay healthy and soft.

Shegron Sun Care - As my skin color is about white. I use sun screen factor 30. This sun screen is available at a various of pharmacy stores in the Netherlands. 

Hema Aftersun - Well this doesn't really need an explanation. Aftersun to use after a day of sunbathing. And as the title says this one is from Hema.

Skin Therapy - This is a gentle facial creme wash. I bought it at Sainsbury's while I still lived in London. It works really well as I didn't really expect it would've. I bought one of the more expansive brands, and hope it would work, luckily it did!

Dolce & Gabanna body lotion - Especially after I shave this body lotion is perfect. It smells really nice as I got it with the perfume. 

Rexona deodorant - Daily deodorant in travel size.

Sephora scrubgel - I bought this scrubgel about a week ago. It's from Sephora and in the Netherlands you'll be able to find it in some V&D stores. The smell of this one is icy mint and it's really fresh, which I love.

Satin Care shaving gel - And to keep my legs clean for all the shorts and dresses, a shaving gel. 

25 July 2012

Summer jam

Every year our group of friends ends up having a summer jam. A song we freak out about and just because it's so bad or funny we like it in the end. Last year it was Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. This year it'll have to be Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Overrated and a standard pop tune. I wasn't sure about the song at first, but you have to admit, the music video has a nice twist to it.

It doesn't really fit in to my general music taste, but it is catchy!

23 July 2012

Holiday: Kos

When you're all reading this post I'll be in a lovely apartment together with my boyfriend at this island: Kos! We booked this holiday in March and as it'll be our first holiday together, which will include his birthday and our 6 months anniversary. I am very excited, especially because I'm sure I'll see the sun. And of course being with my boyfriend for longer then a week, as this doesn't really happen that often because of the distance. 

I'll be back in a week (Monday the 30th) and will try to share pictures somewhere that week. There are some posts lined up for you but I'll see you next week!

21 July 2012

19 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

I own the bracelet on the left and am absolutely wearing it today.

As if I've been excited for this movie, it's got to have a blogpost! The Dark Knight Rises releases tomorrow morning 06.00 (yes AM) in the Netherlands. And guess where I will be? Watching it in the cinema. I'll spend my entire night at the cinema in Amsterdam with three of my best friends and Batman. From 0.00 unil 09.00 they'll play a Batman marathon in various cinemas around the country. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. I decided I could miss a night of sleep and bought tickets. I'm at work the entire day before so catching some extra sleep on the day is no option.

I've always loved the movies but my boyfriend might have made me even more excited. He even brings the Batman comic books on holiday for me, so I can read them. Plus I'll go again see it again with him this Saturday as I promised we would go see it when he arrived. I'm absolutely excited and know that I'll be battered on Friday. 

I'm planning to do some short reviews of all the movies I've seen at the end of the holiday. So stay tuned!

16 July 2012

Crush #2: Emilia Clarke

I'm sorry for not posting anything of my trip to Dublin yet, but I'm trying to get the best pictures set up for you guys. So here's another Crush post. Next time I'll pick a male, but there just so much amazing female, especially actresses, around at the moment.

This time: Emilia Clarke. Or as a lot of people might now here as, Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. I've became a big fan of this show in July 2011. After re-watching the show about 4 times, Daenerys came out as one of my definite favorite characters. And yes, I'm still planning on cosplaying her as well.
But after a little bit of research I found Emilia, who doesn't look like Daenerys at all but is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing actress. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

What do you guys think of Emilia?

13 July 2012

The smell of the mountains

Videos like this can almost make me smell the mountains again. I've been loving skiing since the age of 3 years old. And from the age of 6 it has become my weekly sport. I took ski classes in the Netherlands and on my 9th I got asked to become a member of the professional team. And most people think: skiing in the Netherlands, is that possible? Yes it definitely is. It's not as exciting as in Austria, Switzerland or France. But with the couple of ski halls and fake mats outside we have, it's manageable. I did this until the age of 18, and am still skiing every now and then. I love it and will definitely never stop doing it.

My biggest achievement? In 2010 I managed to become 3rd place at the Dutch Championships in Oss. I'll still compete on a match once in a while, like I did last year. I still really enjoy skiing and love to see my teammates once in a while. The hard work and weeks of training in Austria where always things I really looked forward to. School even gave me some sort of privilege to get extra days of because of professional sports. I love looking back at the skiing and it'll always stay one of my passions.

If you're interested, there are some videos on Youtube where you can see me ski. You'll be able to find one here and more in the suggestions.

11 July 2012

10 July 2012

What's in my bag

What's in my bag? Something you see on almost every blog. And because I really like these posts, I'll make one for you guys. This is one of my most-loved bags and is Aztec red from Urban Outfitters.

But what is exactly in my bag?
- Sunglasses (H&M) with protector
- Bike and house keys. And well a lot of key-hangers.
- My 5-year old (yes really) iPod classic
- My wallet (Primark)
- Captain America holder with my OV-student card in it
- Arizona, Iced tea. (nomnoms!)
- Vaseline
- I always bring a book with me, currently that is the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
- 2 pencils
- My red Moleskine dayplanner
- A black notebook

And the one thing I forgot to put on the picture but always bring with me: my iPhone.
This was in my bag when I went to work, most of the time I bring this small bag with make-up (deodorant, mascara etc.) in it as well. 

08 July 2012

Trip to Dublin

I'm a busy bee packing today. After Rock Werchter and still 2 travel trips coming up after this I'm leaving for Dublin tomorrow. As it has become quite a tradition to do a citytrip with my parents and sister every summer, we decided to go see Dublin this year. As we don't really feel like going on a big holiday anymore (my sister is 18). Dublin seemed like a nice city to see. I'm still looking into what I really want to do there. But my mom is an amazing holiday planner and did already plan to see quite a bit. I told her I wanted to look in the vintage streets, because they're supposed to be quite a few of that, and have dinner in an Irish pub.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 10.30 AM and because of the time difference (yes 1 hour) we're gonna be there at 11. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the center of Dublin and I can't wait to try the Irish breakfast. (all though it's probably similar to the English one) I'm excited to see what Dublin will bring and what the city is gonna be like. There might be WiFi in the hotel, so for updates you can check out my twitter account for some possible updates. See you on Friday!

07 July 2012

My mind seems confused

Source: tumblr.com 

My mind seems so confused sometimes. And no, this isn't because I just finished my 3rd year of college. I'm living my life in two different languages. Dutch and English. My personal life, at home, work and school are spoken in my native language, Dutch. But online and all the contact I have with my boyfriend are in English. And yes even online with friends I tempt to use the English language instead of Dutch. Weird huh? The languages seem to mix up sometimes which results in me forgetting Dutch words and using the English one, or just the other way around. I notice that my time in London didn't do good for my Dutch language either. I never got any comments on my Dutch language before, and now I'm struggling to find words and even my grammar seems worse. And wait, I'm writing this in English as well. As my boyfriend like to say I speak Dutchlish. 
And yes, I did start talking in Dutch to him a couple of times. This results in him staring at me and me being confused. 'I just said something Dutch to you didn't I?' Yes, first world problems. 

04 July 2012

02 July 2012