FarBeyondBelieving: Crush #2: Emilia Clarke

16 July 2012

Crush #2: Emilia Clarke

I'm sorry for not posting anything of my trip to Dublin yet, but I'm trying to get the best pictures set up for you guys. So here's another Crush post. Next time I'll pick a male, but there just so much amazing female, especially actresses, around at the moment.

This time: Emilia Clarke. Or as a lot of people might now here as, Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. I've became a big fan of this show in July 2011. After re-watching the show about 4 times, Daenerys came out as one of my definite favorite characters. And yes, I'm still planning on cosplaying her as well.
But after a little bit of research I found Emilia, who doesn't look like Daenerys at all but is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing actress. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

What do you guys think of Emilia?


  1. Ik vind haar zo leuk! Ik moest wel even drie keer kijken of het echt Daenerys was, wat een transformatie!

  2. Emilia <333 I love Emilia so much, she's just such a nice person too!

  3. She's stunning! I haven't seen her in anything yet.
    Women are always more crush worthy! I get style crushes on women, all the time!

    Sarah XxX

  4. Wat een mooi meisje! Maar dan wel als brunette ... :-)


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