FarBeyondBelieving: The smell of the mountains

13 July 2012

The smell of the mountains

Videos like this can almost make me smell the mountains again. I've been loving skiing since the age of 3 years old. And from the age of 6 it has become my weekly sport. I took ski classes in the Netherlands and on my 9th I got asked to become a member of the professional team. And most people think: skiing in the Netherlands, is that possible? Yes it definitely is. It's not as exciting as in Austria, Switzerland or France. But with the couple of ski halls and fake mats outside we have, it's manageable. I did this until the age of 18, and am still skiing every now and then. I love it and will definitely never stop doing it.

My biggest achievement? In 2010 I managed to become 3rd place at the Dutch Championships in Oss. I'll still compete on a match once in a while, like I did last year. I still really enjoy skiing and love to see my teammates once in a while. The hard work and weeks of training in Austria where always things I really looked forward to. School even gave me some sort of privilege to get extra days of because of professional sports. I love looking back at the skiing and it'll always stay one of my passions.

If you're interested, there are some videos on Youtube where you can see me ski. You'll be able to find one here and more in the suggestions.

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  1. Wauw echt super knap, ik doe het je niet na!


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