FarBeyondBelieving: Crush #3: Tom Hardy

31 July 2012

Crush #3: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy as Bane, behind the scenes while filming a battle scene.

I think it's time for a man crush this time! I had a bit of a struggle of picking one for this week. (I couldn't pick one of four) But as my obsession with the Dark Knight Rises grew in the last week I decided to go for Tom Hardy. I definitely didn't see all of his movie but was absolutely impressed by his roles in Inception, Warrior and The Dark Knight Rises. Did you see the weight he gained for his roles? Especially in Warrior and as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. Only for the role as Bane he gained 14 kgs (30,8 lbs) in 12 weeks. Quite impressive right?
I'm definitely planning on seeing more of his movies and will keep looking out for more. And just to add this, my eyes don't mind looking at him. The other thing I like? He isn't the mainstream pretty guy.

The weird thing about this story? Two months ago I walked into Tom Hardy, no this is not a joke. I was visiting my boyfriend in London and we went out with his parents for a day at Hampton Coart. We were walking around, doing a little bit of shopping. And at that moment my boyfriend starts shaking me around whispering, 'Woaa that's Tom Hardy'. I turned around and after recently seeing Warrior I was quite confused by his appearance, he lost a lot of weight and had quite a big beard. Nothing wrong with that of course! I asked if I had to go over to him and ask for an autograph. But as Tom was just out for lunch with his girlfriend we both decided we didn't really want to bother him.
The things happening to you in London.. Walk into Tom Hardy, quite unrealistic.

I'll try to get a post about my holiday in Kos online as soon as possible.


  1. That's so cool that you spotted him! I really like Tom Hardy, loved him in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, haven't seen Warrior yet but it's definitely on my to watch-list :D

  2. Oeh, ik ga binnenkort naar Londen. Wie weet loop ik hem ook wel tegen het lijf ;)


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