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27 July 2012

Holiday products

I'm actually not that much of a 'beauty person'. But I do like to keep my skin clean and especially not burn. So these are a few of the beauty product I do take with me to make sure my skin will stay healthy and soft.

Shegron Sun Care - As my skin color is about white. I use sun screen factor 30. This sun screen is available at a various of pharmacy stores in the Netherlands. 

Hema Aftersun - Well this doesn't really need an explanation. Aftersun to use after a day of sunbathing. And as the title says this one is from Hema.

Skin Therapy - This is a gentle facial creme wash. I bought it at Sainsbury's while I still lived in London. It works really well as I didn't really expect it would've. I bought one of the more expansive brands, and hope it would work, luckily it did!

Dolce & Gabanna body lotion - Especially after I shave this body lotion is perfect. It smells really nice as I got it with the perfume. 

Rexona deodorant - Daily deodorant in travel size.

Sephora scrubgel - I bought this scrubgel about a week ago. It's from Sephora and in the Netherlands you'll be able to find it in some V&D stores. The smell of this one is icy mint and it's really fresh, which I love.

Satin Care shaving gel - And to keep my legs clean for all the shorts and dresses, a shaving gel. 

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