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10 July 2012

What's in my bag

What's in my bag? Something you see on almost every blog. And because I really like these posts, I'll make one for you guys. This is one of my most-loved bags and is Aztec red from Urban Outfitters.

But what is exactly in my bag?
- Sunglasses (H&M) with protector
- Bike and house keys. And well a lot of key-hangers.
- My 5-year old (yes really) iPod classic
- My wallet (Primark)
- Captain America holder with my OV-student card in it
- Arizona, Iced tea. (nomnoms!)
- Vaseline
- I always bring a book with me, currently that is the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
- 2 pencils
- My red Moleskine dayplanner
- A black notebook

And the one thing I forgot to put on the picture but always bring with me: my iPhone.
This was in my bag when I went to work, most of the time I bring this small bag with make-up (deodorant, mascara etc.) in it as well. 


  1. That bag is awesome! And your copy of The Hobbit looks so pretty, the cover of mine isn't that nice really :P

  2. Ik kan niet wachten tot m'n Moleskine binnen is! Arizona is zo lekker!

  3. Wat een super leuke tas heb je!

  4. ohh je hebt echt een super toffe tas :D

  5. Ziet er echt leuk uit! Waar heb je die captain America kaartenhouder vandaan?

    1. Die komt van the Forbidden Planet in Londen! :) Die hebben er heel veel, ook van Iron Man, Thor etc. Daarnaast is the Forbidden Planet ook een MUST GO voor Harry Potter, Doctor Who en ander nerd spul!


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