FarBeyondBelieving: Trip to Dublin

08 July 2012

Trip to Dublin

I'm a busy bee packing today. After Rock Werchter and still 2 travel trips coming up after this I'm leaving for Dublin tomorrow. As it has become quite a tradition to do a citytrip with my parents and sister every summer, we decided to go see Dublin this year. As we don't really feel like going on a big holiday anymore (my sister is 18). Dublin seemed like a nice city to see. I'm still looking into what I really want to do there. But my mom is an amazing holiday planner and did already plan to see quite a bit. I told her I wanted to look in the vintage streets, because they're supposed to be quite a few of that, and have dinner in an Irish pub.

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 10.30 AM and because of the time difference (yes 1 hour) we're gonna be there at 11. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the center of Dublin and I can't wait to try the Irish breakfast. (all though it's probably similar to the English one) I'm excited to see what Dublin will bring and what the city is gonna be like. There might be WiFi in the hotel, so for updates you can check out my twitter account for some possible updates. See you on Friday!


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xx Nieke