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07 July 2012

My mind seems confused

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My mind seems so confused sometimes. And no, this isn't because I just finished my 3rd year of college. I'm living my life in two different languages. Dutch and English. My personal life, at home, work and school are spoken in my native language, Dutch. But online and all the contact I have with my boyfriend are in English. And yes even online with friends I tempt to use the English language instead of Dutch. Weird huh? The languages seem to mix up sometimes which results in me forgetting Dutch words and using the English one, or just the other way around. I notice that my time in London didn't do good for my Dutch language either. I never got any comments on my Dutch language before, and now I'm struggling to find words and even my grammar seems worse. And wait, I'm writing this in English as well. As my boyfriend like to say I speak Dutchlish. 
And yes, I did start talking in Dutch to him a couple of times. This results in him staring at me and me being confused. 'I just said something Dutch to you didn't I?' Yes, first world problems. 


  1. Props to you for even being able to speak two languages! I tried to learn Spanish a long time ago but it was a fail.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. Leuk, nog iemand met een vriendje in Engeland! Ik weet precies hoe je je voelt ;) x

  3. Ik ervaar het probleem ook, nu nog in iets mindere mate (gelukkig). Ik praat in principe alleen Nederlands, maar alles wat ik lees is in het Engels. Dit heeft zeker wel invloed op mijn manier van praten, ik ben vaak Nederlandse woorden kwijt en dan weet ik wel wat ik in het Engels wil zeggen. Ik kom dan ook gewoon niet op de vertaling van het woord, terwijl ik wel weet wat het betekend.


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