FarBeyondBelieving: Kos in pictures

01 August 2012

Kos in pictures

(these photos were shot with my Canon 600D and Sony HSC H70)

So Monday morning (really early) me and my boyfriend came back from Kos. Our first holiday together which included his 26th birthday and our 6 month anniversary. We had a great time and as you see amazing weather.
We tried to get as much of the Greek culture around us. But we slipped by going into a British pub, as they thought we were both British. (news flash: I'm not, but my boyfriend is) We had a few Greek meals, and I especially loved their salads, delicious! We rented a quad for two days, which was great fun. Especially because I had to drive it as my boyfriend doesn't have his driving license. (doesn't need it in London)
I'm sad to come home in a rainy Holland with my boyfriend being back in London but we had a great time.


  1. So cool! The pictures are lovely. Glad you had a great vacation :)

  2. All the memories, gossh I loved Kos it looks like you had great fun (and weather)

  3. The pictures look amazing, looks like you had a great time :D


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