FarBeyondBelieving: The future?

12 August 2012

The future?

What will my future bring? I've been thinking about this question quite a few times. Especially now my graduation is coming closer and I'm becoming 21 in a few weeks. Everything goes by so fast. 21? Doesn't that sound a lot older then 20?

But when I say future, I mean the future in 10 years. The time where I'm probably worrying about becoming 31, or a young baby and me getting back to work. Because yes when I'm 30? I hope to have my first kid, a nice apartment or house and of course my dream job! Or hopefully I'm getting there. Where that would be? I'm not entirely sure yet, somewhere in the video world. As a producer on a film set? An art director or maybe an editor. My apartment might be placed in London and I'd secretly hope to be married. And right now? I hope to be still together with me boyfriend.

I hope I've had a trip to Comic-Con (San Diego), visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Orlando) and did a roadtrip in America before I become 30 years old. I hope to still have the best of times with my nerdherd friends and get together with my family for great dinners and Christmas celebrations. I hope to live a happy life and be satisfied with who I am. As in the end, that will be the most important thing.


  1. Ik ben de laatste tijd zo erg bezig met mijn toekomst. Voelt ergens heel fijn ^^

  2. Sounds like a great future, really!

  3. Sounds really good! Fun to read, too :)


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