FarBeyondBelieving: Crush #4: Craig Horner

24 August 2012

Crush #4: Craig Horner

I don't think a lot of people really know Craig Horner. He's an Australian actor and the thing I do know him from is a tv-show I absolutely love.. Legend of the Seeker. And even that might not sound to well known. That might because it got cancelled after 2 seasons. I was absolutely gutted about the show being cancelled and still really miss it. I loved Craig as Richard Cypher and hope he'll be cast in a future movie or tv show soon. But not only for girls is this show is very pleasant to look at, yes this guy likes to walk around with a bare chest. (watch the first 2 minutes of the very first episode) I can't help to say, the girls in this show are attractive and totally bad-ass. Throwing knifes around and catsuits are included. 

But the thing which is really excited about this post. I will meet Craig in less then 2 months, as he'll be attending RingCon. I'll definitely make a blog post about that after visiting and tell you guys all about it. 

Want to know more about Legend of the Seeker? I made a fan video of Legend of the Seeker about a year ago which you'll be able to watch here.


  1. Arggh I really want to watch this serie ones, though I have no idea where to get that time from.. but I'm sure that one day I will!

  2. He's definitely attractive! I'll sure check out the show, heard you say so many great things about it :D

  3. The serie sounds so awesome, but I hate to watch series that got cancelled :( It sounds really awesome!

  4. He's so hot! It's a great show as well!


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