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03 August 2012

Find your greatness

As the Olympics are on, sport videos start to raise up again. And as the first video from Nike has a little association with my latest Crush post. (Tom Hardy did the voice over) The second video is the official song for the Olympics by Muse called Survival.

Why would I post these? I always get really caught up while watching sport events like this. I'm a bigger fan of the Winter Olympics but love the emotion and time people put in to sports. I know how it feels to train really hard and being eager to win. And all the hard work, happiness and dedication. I can't believe a 15 year old actually won a gold medal. Her tears almost made me tear up. I think it's one of the most wonderful things to see people achieve their goals. 
That is one of the things which makes me love the Olympics. (and of course other sport events)


  1. I'm not really a sporty type, but I like watching the Olympics. Especially the gymnastics, it amazes me that such young girls can be so good and win golden medals at the Olympics.

  2. Zo'n filmpje is niks totdat je zo'n prachtige stem hebt, die het helemaal af maakt! Morgan Freeman heeft ook zo'n soort stem.
    Dat nummer van muse vind ik trouwens heel mooi, maar heb het nog geen één keer gehoord op de tv met de spelen xD

    1. Als je op NED1 de commercials kijkt gebruiken ze altijd het nummer om de NOS App aan te prijzen voor informatie over de spelen. :)


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