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27 August 2012

Music of the fall

So fall is slowly peaking through. And some new albums (and hopefully tours) are coming up. And as I'm really excited for some new albums. I'd want to share some with you.

First Mumford & Sons with their new album Babel which will release the 21st of September. After a long wait of 2 years they will finally release their new album. I already pre-ordered it and absolutely can't wait.

Next Muse with the album The 2nd Law, and as Muse likes to experiment with new styles I'm very curious about it. I didn't like the first official song of the album but still can't wait to hear the entire album. Especially because I'll be visiting their concert in December.

Taylor Swift and her album Red. I might call it my guilty pleasure, but it actually isn't. I love some sweet, girly, pop music once in a while. And Taylor Swift is definitely one of my favorites. As I'm a bit to sure about the first song, and especially the co-writer of the album.. We will have to wait and see what this will become.

Paramore. I have no idea what the new of this album is going to be as it isn't announced officially yet. But yes there is gonna be a new album. I've seen one of their shows which was fantastic. Please please release some more information!

Other bands I really want to make a new album:
- Sick Puppies
- Switchfoot
- The Pretty Reckless
- Katzenjammer

(the birthday and room post are the next ones lined up)


  1. Also looking forward to hearing new songs from Mumford & Sons, really enjoy their music! I actually liked the new song by Muse in a strange way.

  2. never did listen to any of those, well taylor swift i did listen to and liked it. but the rest, maybe I will try to listen to some.

  3. ik kan ook niet wachten op een nieuw album van paramore, ze zijn echt geweldig! <3


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