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17 August 2012

The Dr. Martens

Shoes.. Doesn't every girl just love them? Well I do, and I think I've must have about 50 pairs. But as I'm a lover for black Converse and minty green Vans. I do like weird, a bit alternative and special shoes. Like my Dr. Martens, and yes I do wear those. On a 25 degrees summer day. A highwaisted short, fun oversized band t-shirt and accessoires will do the job! As I've been wearing my Docs for quite a few time the start to look a bit more "worn". And I like them better that way. I think it's important to combine them which isn't always easy, but I do love them.

I know this is a very random post. But my Dr. Martens deserve a post. What do you think of Dr. Martens? Would you like or own a pair? Or do you think the shoes look awful?

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  1. YESSS, Dr. Martens I want them sooo bad! I really like the red ones you have, but I think I would prefer to own the plain black version. Just a little bit easier to style I think. But the red ones are awesome!


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