FarBeyondBelieving: I'm moving out!

22 August 2012

I'm moving out!

Guess what? I'm moving out! I visited a room in Utrecht yesterday and all though it's quite small. I loved the feeling in the house, where 2 other people are living. And think I can make my own little place in there. It's only for 5 months as I have to do my graduation internship starting in February. But as I live in a really small town, the need to move out became stronger and stronger. And now I found quite an affordable place near the center of Utrecht.. I couldn't help myself. 

My parents and boyfriend will help me move this Sunday, which is actually the day I become 21 years old. But as my birthday plans are all on Saturday that doesn't matter. The things I'll bring? Well actually not to much. My bed, tv, blu-ray player, a small cabinet, clothes, some books and my best DVD's. A wardrobe and desk are already available in the room. There will be a living room, a nice kitchen and even a washing machine and dryer available. There's a bus stop right in front of the house and a park across the street.

I'm a bit nervous as this is the first time I'll be moving out on my own. In London I lived together with 2 of my friends. Which made it a bit different. More updates will be coming later, when I've finished moving and my room is actually done.


  1. Echt heel leuk! Ben ontzettend benieuwd naar je eigen plekje!

  2. Super leuk, heel veel plezier in je nieuwe huisje!

  3. Very exciting! It's always a bit scary to move to a new place, but I'm sure you'll manage :D

  4. Aah wat super leuk! Heel veel plezier alvast in je nieuwe plekje, maar dat komt vast goed!

  5. I'm so happy it worked out! :D It's not really weird to feel nervous, I must admit that I'm a bit scared too. I still have three weeks left at home though. Can't wait to see pictures of your room :)


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