FarBeyondBelieving: Happy birthday to... ME!

25 August 2012

Happy birthday to... ME!

pictures made by me on my sister's birthday

It's the 26st of August. Get the birthday cake! It's my 21st birthday. As I already celebrated my birthday yesterday (a blog about that will come later). I'll spend this day.. Believe it or not. Moving! I'll move to my room in Utrecht today and probably spend my first night there. I'll also go out with my mom, dad, sister and boyfriend. I'll try to bring as much presents as I can and enjoy my day the best that I can.

So that's why this blog is gonna be short. I like birthdays (except for the fact of getting older) and that's why I'll enjoy the day.
Bye bye!


  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day, I hope everything goes well with the move. And well, have a blast today :D

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Moving day!

  3. happy birthday :D I hope your move goes smooth :)


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