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06 August 2012

The bedroom: a tour

Welcome to a special tour in my bedroom. As I'm looking for an apartment to live in for the next 5 months, I still live in my parents house. And even before you enter, you'll notice the fangirl in me. Some pictures I picked out, I think about a year and half ago, are still on my door. You may now enter.

A first look in my very stuffed and if I'd say myself quite big room. The first thing you'll probably notice, where's your wardrobe? Well, you'll find it in the hallway which leaves a lot of space for my double bed and....

Stuffed IKEA closet filled with books and DVD's. The DVD part is entirely full to the ground and I already put some on top of my books as it doesn't fit anymore. You'll see some trophies on top, which are the ones I'm most proud of. I had about 50 but I put those away as it didn't really fit into my room anymore.

This will be the other side of my room. My desk, it looks like a mess but it's actually not that bad. You'll also see my tv which is showing the Olympics non stop.

This is the corner of nerds. Which will show some merchandise I collected over the years. A chocolate frog, Harry and Hermione's wands, a miniature shield and sword of Peter Pevensie, a Harry Potter studio tour book, a shoulder plate, a little sword and quite a bit more. The shot glasses you see is some kind of tradition I have, I buy one in every country I visit. In the back.. You can see my Nintendo Wii.

And the last part. Just aside to my bed are to little cabinets. In the right one you'll find socks, underwear and tights. In and on the left you'll find all my make-up and beauty products. Quite a lot of those if I say so myself. Right next to that... My cosplay outfits. My Frodo, Harry Potter and Kahlan Amnell inspired outfit are hanging there waited to be worn. On my door? A map of the Game of Thrones tv-show and some more pictures of actors and movies.

Voila, my room. A description? Very nerdy a tiny bit girly and stuffed, that's how I'd subscribe it.


  1. Pascaaaaal! Hihi, vooral het nerd hoekje is erg leuk om te zien!

  2. Whoa! Your room is awesome! Love the nerd corner and the Ikea closet filled with books/dvd's the most! Haha!

  3. That books and DVD closet makes my collectors-heart go craycray. Your nerdcorner looks awesome and that map of Game of Thrones is really cool!

  4. Heel leuk om te zien zeg!

    Liefs, Romy


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