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09 August 2012

Long live Youtube

I've always been a big fan of Youtube Vloggers. Never heard of it? Vloggers are people who video blog, so tell about their life on Youtube and show you a little peak into what they're doing. I've got some definite favorites as I've been following a few vloggers for about 4 years. Plus I've had a my own Youtube channel for about 6,5 years. (which you can find here).

Now on to my favorite Youtubers. 
1. LukeConard (the blond singing guy in the first video)
I found out about Luke because of two of his bands. All Caps and Ministry of Magic. Summer of '09 must've been my favorite at that time. But I not only love his music but also his personal vlogs, for which he has a separate channel. I started to follow his girlfriend, and a few of his friends who were in the vlogs. He's funny and totally nerdy, just like me.

2. Meekakitty (the red-haired girl in the second video)
With her bright red hair Tessa is a totally kick-ass girl. I recently fell in love with her newest video and most of her videos are amazing and the quality, originality and especially in combination with Nanalew are outstanding.

The next list will be a few of Youtubers I like without explanation. Meekakitty and LukeConard are my two all time favorites but these are definitely worth checking out as well. (I linked my favorite videos of them).

3. JoeyGraceffa
4. charlieissocoollike
5. booksandquills
6. Nanalew
7. lindseystomp
8. vlogbrothers
9. JckSparrow (the Hillywood Show)
10.whitneyleemilam (basically all my favorite YT'ers are in this video)


  1. Yaay for Ministry of Magic such fun music. Didn't know to be honest that he vlogged as well, might check that out :)

  2. Gonna check this post out again once my internet work normally again. but the hillywood show I agree on :D

  3. I love vloggers! I follow quite a good amount myself, my personal favourite right now is booksandquills. But the vlogger world is big and I haven't checked out half of the people you mentioned, so I'm going to be doing that now :)

  4. Ik volg ook een aantal vloggers, vind het altijd wel leuk tijdverdrijf ;-)


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