FarBeyondBelieving: Presents!

29 August 2012


A few of my birthday presents, which I absolutely love. I had a great day with friends and family and lovely presents.

To start at the first one. My boyfriend got me this amazing necklace. The little diamonds are Swarovski crystals and I didn't expect this at all. He knows I love everything turqoise or light blue, which made this a perfect pick. His parents gave me a fitting Swatch watch, which you can see in the last picture. 
I got a lot of money as this is what I ask for most of the time. I got a Buddha for luck, and the Hunger Games Blu-Ray from my sister. And of course... The birthday cards. 
You might wonder what my parents gave me, but I'll tell you more about this in my new room post. As they gave me something to fit in there...

Other things I got?
A Stark Industries travel card holder, a Batman Comic, a surviver package (food) for living on my own,   a Taylor Swift guitar book (as I'm learning to play the acoustic guitar), a Supernatural magazine and lots of candy. 


Comments are very much appreciated. Thanks so much for visiting. :)
xx Nieke