FarBeyondBelieving: How to get an internship in a foreign country?

19 August 2012

How to get an internship in a foreign country?

I've had so much questions about this. How did I get my internship in London? Well as it definitely wasn't easy. I've got some tips and tricks on how to do it. As I learned quite a lot from my search. And will start a new hunt next month again. Because I'm trying to get another one in London for my graduation internship. So here we go.

1. Make sure your CV, portfolio and motivation letter are neat and (in case of media/graphic internships) try to make them creative and notable. Send a letter or maybe a package, so you'll stand out.

2. I know people don't like calling. But try to do it. They'll hear your voice, which is already a lot more personal then an e-mail. So pick up your phone and ask if an internship is available.

3. In case you really don't want to call.. E-mailing doesn't work that good. I e-mailed about 45 companies of which I had about 8 replies. None of them needed interns at this time. But maybe you'll get lucky! So try, try and try even more. 

4, In case no one replies, what happened in my case, look on the internet for companies who will find the internship for you. It will cost a bit of money but it does work. (not always very smoothly so pick a company with care) And that's how I found my internship in the end.

5. Another idea would be, book a flight to the place you want to go. (if that's affordable) And just step by some companies. Try to network and maybe it'll work in the end. Companies in your own country might be able to help out a bit as well. 

6. Don't give up and start early! Try to start quite early so you won't stress out when it doesn't work.

And that was it. Questions are always welcome and if you want to know more.. How did I find an appartment, or what was the best part of staying in London? Feel free to ask and I might make a post in the future.


  1. My school had some connections with companies, maybe that also help some people? It's how I got my internship.

    I'd love a post about how you found your appartment, because I have to start looking for one!

  2. yes appartment hunting please a post about that whahaha, I have like a month and a half left and i still didnt find a thing.

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