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01 December 2012

InstaDiary: November

InstaDiary! I've seen this on multiple blogs, but I don't want to spend a blogpost on this every week. So I'm keeping it a monthly thing, so you can all see what I've been doing the past month. This should be very interesting!
This was my week of studying, cozy socks, filming a video of an orchestra, the day my canvas came in and I enjoyed my very first Christmas Starbucks. Me and a friend chilling out at, yes school. A very 'busy' day haha. We just had our exam tho. The last two is one of my other besties getting her bachelor! So proud. The last one is her with her brother and sisters.
A new wallet I bought at the Monki. My candles on which I did a blogpost. And all of the other photos are taking at the staff party of the MediaMarkt in Ziggodome. A lot of people performed: Kane, Anastacia, Alain Clark etc. With Eddie Zoey presenting it. They also made my hair massive.
The last photo of the party, Anastacia. A lovely coffee at the barista me and my friend always go to. A preview for my cosplay post. Chocolate cake and milk. I started watching a new tv show called Girls which I loved. My camera reading for shooting some pictures and the new Hobbit soundtrack. Last.. A little outfit peek.
I discovered nailpolish with amazing names. Caviar nails, very colorful! Boss Orange which I got from 'Sinterklaas'. More amazing nailpolish names. My new iPhone case from Monki which I love. Collar. Me giving ski class. And I decorated my room, Christmas is coming!
More Christmas decoration and my Christmassy pj bottoms. My hair short again and I finally got to see my boyfriend again. Spending some quality time watching the Dark Knight Rises. 


  1. This is fun! Nice way to get an idea of what you've been up to!

  2. Hehe, I just posted a blog about this aswell :p Great pictures!

  3. Wat een fijne foto's en fijne dingen zeg. Gaaf die nagellak!

  4. ahh i just loved your socks! super cute :)

    visit www.RAISALAND.blogspot.com, you may like it!! =D


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