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15 November 2012

Cosplay & me #1

Some of you guys have been asking for my cosplay experience. And as I really enjoy getting costumes together I thought I'd share my costumes with all of you. For those of you who don't know what cosplay is.. It's short for costume play. How do I get my stuff together? Most of the time I try to be creative and look in my own wardrobe first, vintage stores or just general stores like H&M and Zara. But some things like cloaks, can't be found in stores, my grandma and mom help me out by sowing these things together. I'll describe my costumes for you while writing this blog. (it'll come in 2 parts, so keep looking out for the second one) And I know not everyone knows I'm 'cosplaying' once in a while, but I'm absolutely not ashamed of it and love to do it. I'm a fangirl for life!

My first costume would've been at a really young age as I liked to get together my own Harry Potter costumes. With a black towel around my neck and a gray skirt I'd pretended to be Hermione. With my big and curly hair it easily turned out in something okay. But I got a bit more serious the first time I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair.

So my very first 'official' costume was in 2009. Just before the Twilight hype broke out I dressed up as Rosalie Cullen. One of my best friends dressed up as Alice Cullen and as we both were big fans of the books. No one really recognized us as the movie only just came out. And as I never really wore a wig before, this was a little getting used to. We had a lot of fun, and that's what it was all about!
Where did I get the outfit? Believe me or not.. The only thing I bought for this outfit was the wig and white 'foundation'. We exchanged some clothes but didn't buy anything. I'd say that's a pretty cheap costume right?

After seeing all the beautiful costumes at the fair I decided I wanted to do something more about my costumes in 2010, on the same event. It's not really a hard guess is it? I decided to dress up as 'Jess' Sparrow, because I'm a female version after all! I didn't even had to wear a wig as my hair was still this long. But yes it was inspired by Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Where did I get the outfit? I bought the hat on internet, got the shirt at Zara, had a pair of black trousers in my wardrobe, just like the scarf around my waste, belts and bracelets. I bought the sword the year before and bought one of the fake tattoos (which is on my left arm). Rented the pistol, coat and boots at a store nearby. And one of my very dear friends had the necklace of the coins used in the first movie. And there it is, my Jack Sparrow inspired costume!

As the Elf Fantasy Fair gets organized 2 times a year, I decided to go twice this year. With my very first costume of which I made something myself (well together with my grandma, who did most of it). I decided to make an 'inspired' costume. I've always been a big Chronicles of Narnia fan and wanted to get a Susan Pevensie / warrior princess inspired costume. And as you see, I dyed my hair red this year.
Where did I get the outfit? The top is the same one I used for my Jack Sparrow outfit, and actually the trousers are from Zara as well. The shoes are pairs I bought quite a few years ago but as my feet didn’t grew anymore from the age of 13, I still have a lot of shoes which I can use for stuff like this. The bracelets and sword are bought at the Elf Fantasy Fair over the years and I used the belt for my Jack Sparrow costume as well. My mom helped out with the French braid as I can’t do that myself. (can you see the pictures got better as well, this was the first time we took a DSLR to the fair)

I don’t think a lot of you will know the tv show Legend of the Seeker as it’s now cancelled after only two seasons. But as I absolutely loved it I wanted to try an inspired costume again. A Kahlan Amnell inspired costume. This time my grandma and I made the skirt together. One of the friends I went with did my make-up and the rest is some creative shopping.
Where did I get the outfit? I got the corset at… Topshop! A absolute great find. The skirt is created through different fabrics and the boots are a cheap find in an action shoe store. The cloak is one I used before, and selfmade. The only reason I used it, was because it was freezing cold. There’s a sword in my boots which I bought on the fair before just like the bracelets. The belt is something I found in my wardrobe again. The make-up is quite heavy, but this is because I was in ‘bloodlust’. Kahlan is a confessor and can pursue people to do things for her. (people basically become her slaves) But when that goes to far, she’s in bloodlust and can’t hold herself back. And that’s why my eyes look like this.

To be continued... 
Go to this link for part 2.


  1. Yaaay! I waited so long for this post :D I really like your costumes. Jess Sparrow looks so good! I also like your hair that dark red colour :)

  2. I love your cosplay outfits! Especially the one inspired by Jack Sparrow!

  3. Ik dacht al dat dit voor de EFF was. Ik ken ook mensen die daar altijd heen gaan. Maar echt super leuke outfits zeg!! Vooral de Pirate :D (Got to love Jacky) DIE laarzen, zo gaaf. Het klopt echt precies.

  4. Love your outfits :) Jess Sparow is echt geweldig ! Ben benieuwd naar de rest.

  5. You're really creative in finding things to make costumes for. Your Jess Sparrow costume is awesome!


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