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19 November 2012

Cosplay & me #2

Get ready for part 2 of my cosplay costumes! Go to this link for part 1.

This was also the year I went to my very first official convention, a Supernatural convention. And of course these have dress-up parties, I already dressed up as a normal Castiel for a Supernatural party I organized. But decided to go as a Leviathan Castiel this time. And if you never saw Supernatural this might be a bit confusing. But just look at the picture I used as the example and you will get it. Where did I get the outfit? The only thing I bought for this outfit is the tie and the black lenses. I got the trench coat at Neu Look even before I started watching Supernatural. A white shirt isn’t that hard to get, and the same for the black blazer, trousers and jazz shoes.

I used this costume twice but debuted it while the Harry Potter 7.1 released in movie theaters. I dressed up as a Hogwarts ‘Weasley’ student. The second time I wore it was at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 in Arcen. I wanted to take my camera and not wear an very complicated costume, so I wore my Hogwarts outfit.
Where did I get the outfit? The only really special thing about this outfit is the tie and scarf.I got at the tie at Alnwick Castle a few years before. The scarve is a gift I got while buying the 7.2 Blu-Ray DVD. The other pieces I got at stores like H&M, Zara etc. I did sew the red and yellow tapes around the shirt. And not to forget the wand of course! I’ve got the official wands of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger of the Noble Collection.

And another Supernatural inspired costume. A female Sam Winchester, and as this is another easy one. Sam wears plaid shirts, jeans, a hoodie and some sort of biker boots. The only hard part was drawing the tattoo. So where I got it? From my wardrobe and different normal stores. I did get a picture with Maisie Williams (Arya, Game of Thrones) dressed like this!

This must be my second-best costume. My Frodo Baggins costume. I got this costume together when I was still living in London (apart for some things) and that’s why a lot is vintage. For this costume I was lucky for my tininess (some people like to call me hobbit once a while) and my short curly hair. I had so much amazing comments on this costume at the Elf Fantasy Fair. It was the first time people actually came up to me and asked for a photo.
Where did I get the outfit? As you see I used my Zara shirt again. I got the waistcoat at Brick Lane on a small vintage market and the trousers are from Zara. These were in sale and way to long, but it can’t be that hard to make them a bit shorter. I ordered the Hobbit ears online and bought the Ring at Forbidden Planet (London). The blazer is something I bought before at Vero Moda. The cloak is made by my grandma and she did such an amazing job on the hood. The leave (to tighten the cloak) is borrowed from a friend just like Sting. (Frodo’s sword) And as I wanted to go bare feet, it was simply to cold, I would say everything for the art, but my toes would’ve frozen off, because they already did in these sandals.

And this.. Is the costume I'm most proud of so far. My Daenerys Targaryen costume, as this was my very first time at RingCon I wanted to have a special costume. The first day I decided to make pictures and not dress up. But the other two days I did. People greeted me (randomly in the hallway) with: 'Hi Dany' and asked me to hold for a picture. I even found myself in a list of 'the best costumes of RingCon 2012', I'm absolutely honored. Even some of the actors told me 'Great costume!' (Craig Horner) And Mark Ferguson gave us a thumbs up in the middle of the hallway. Especially the Game of Thrones guest where very nice about the costume. Jason Mamoa (Khal Drogo) said 'my sun and stars', which made it hard to ask my question. Iain Glenn (Sir Jorah) immediately said 'Hi Dany' when I appeared in front of the microphone.
The friend I went with, had (not on purpose) a very Doreah inspired costume. So we where Khaleesi and her Dothraki girl, which made it even more perfect.
Where did I get the outfit? As you might see this is the same corset I wore for my Kahlan one, the Topshop corset. I got the shoulder piece and dragon at the Elf Fantasy Fair. And the skirt.. Is actually bought on Marktplaats, which is like the Dutch eBay. The shoes and legging I'm wearing were already in my wardrobe. The white piece on top of my skirt is handmade just like the gloves. I bought the belts before hand.

So what's coming up now? I'm still dreaming of a female Batman costume or a dress like Sansa Stark's. I'll be visiting LeakyCon (Harry Potter convention) this year, hopefully some conventions in London and RingCon again.

What do you think of cosplay? And would you ever want to do it?


  1. I love your hair in the most right picture as Leviathan Castiel! Your Daenerys costume is absolutely fabulous, love it!

  2. It's great to see all your different costumes lined up like that! You've had some great ones! Can't wait to see the next one!

  3. Ziet er allemaal super gaaf uit Nieke! Vooral je Frodo kostuum lijkt goed, haha.

  4. ahh, super leuk allemaal, ziet er geweldig uit! x

  5. beautiful post!!Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  6. To bad the dany costume is way to cold for the EFF, I am sure it would be like an bit hit.
    Love them all :D cant wait to see what you come up with next.

  7. I adore your Frodo Baggings and Daenerys costumes! You recognize the characters immediately. I'm excited to see what you come up with for your next one. Sansa would be very cool!

  8. Your Frodo Baggings and Daenerys costumes are sooooo great! I mean, the others are all cool too, but those two are really the best, and I'm sure you must have put some time on doing them! Btw, your granny really is talented, the cloak she made is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
    Cannot wait to see the next one :)

  9. Weer super leuk!! Omg die Frodo outfit. Love

  10. Still really like your Frodo Baggings and Daenerys costumes, they look so close like the originals!


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