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21 November 2012

Shine a little light

Another thing I like about the winter, and the early sun down. Candles! Especially now I live on my own. They make me feel like it's almost Christmas and even if you're alone, the candles are there to give you some light. I like different colors but do want them to fit together. The candle in the glass is a scented one. Both my roommates smoke, inside the house, and is I'm a non and anti smoker and don't want my room to smell entirely like cigarettes. This little fella helps me out, and it really helps, my room is now surrounded by lemon-y smell.
The only important thing you can't forget.. Put those babies out before you go to bed!

The stores I buy them? There are a lot of stores in the Netherlands with candles. If you want cheap ones? Action, Blokker, Xenos.. But also IKEA, Hema and cute little stores you'll find around and about will definitely sell candles. If you got any recommendations, I would love to hear!


  1. I also burn candles now I live on my own! Or actually I have only one candle, haha! I would love to have some more but I don't know where to buy good ones! I don't mind some cheap candles but I'm on the hunt for one that smells really nice and will burn quite long.

  2. I love burning candles during the evenings when I'm on my own, it gives such a nice feeling! I buy them now and then just at grocery stores like Alberth Heijn, but you can get them anywhere I guess.
    I do really like the candles of Riverdale, but those are quite expensive when you include a candle holder or anything, so I just have one of those that I got for Christmas once :)

  3. I'm not living on my own, but I still like to lit some candles when I'm in my room. Same for incense sticks. And just like you, my mom is a smoker, so I love to use them to cover the smell.

    Btw, your comment on my blog made me so so so happy, I love what you do, so your opinion on the pictures really made me happy :')

  4. I love candles, I love the look of them. I'd like some in my own room, but I'm scared to death I would forget to put them out one day. Yes, I have the brain of a goldfish and I would forget stuff like that. So my solution are fairylights. Everywhere. And it makes is extra-christmassy all year long :D

  5. ik ben ook dol op kaarsen! verschillende geuren, kleuren... ja heerlijk! Leuk dat we dezelfde opleiding volgen! Waar volg jij hem? en welk jaar zit je?

  6. Ik ben dol op kaarsen <3 Mijn stompkaarsen komen bij xenos & kruidvat vandaan, geurende waxinelichtjes van de Ikea net als wat geurkaarsen (chocolade geurkaarsen heaven <3) en ook bij de Primark hebben ze super lekkere vanillegeurkaarsen (de andere geuren vind ik naar wc verfrisser ruiken maar de vanille geur is echt top.)


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