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01 November 2012


I wasn't to sure if I wanted to share this photo report. I already had a bit of hard time presenting it in front of class as it's really personal. But as I'm quite happy about it I decided to do so. I made a photo report about a Long Distance Relationship. I divided this in three stages: before, during and after.. Plus I used black/white in a combination with color.  As I do have some more pictures, I wanted to share these with all of you.

I used this quote for my report as well. I want to leave the photos as the story, because I don't think it needs a lot of words to explain what it's like.
Let me know what you think!


  1. Wat Felix ook zei, ik vind het een super mooie reportage! Juist heel mooi dat je het niet te persoonlijk hebt gemaakt :)

  2. This is amazing Nieke! Really beautiful!

  3. I love how you used black/white and colour. It captures the sad moments apart and the happy ones together very well. You did a fantastic job :)!

  4. Great pictures Nieke! And that picture of you two together is too cute :D

  5. Great pictures. The combination of grey and color works really well :)

  6. The pictures are really amazing! It captures a kind of happiness and sadness all at once. I love that you used black and white for the moments when you're apart from him and colours for when you're together! You two seem like a really lovely couple! :)


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