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30 October 2012

Album review: Taylor Swift - Red

Music. My taste will go from Metallica, AC/DC and Muse to Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. I like a lot of different genres but love to discover new bands and go to concert in small venues. 

I decided I'll share my opinion about Taylor Swift's new album Red. I've been listening to Speak Now and Fearless for about a hundred times and while I was a bit sceptic about this album, I was still very excited about Red. After hearing a few first songs, I lost hope as I had to get used to her new style a lot. The experimenting and change from her country style to more of the pop side. (which I definitely didn't like) 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' started to grow on me. And I liked 'Red'. But then 'I Knew You Were Trouble' released. The worst song so far in my opinion. It sounds like a dubstep song which was screwed up by some dj. 

This made me almost afraid for this album. What to expect? Is it the entire album going to be like this? And then it finally arrived. The entire album. And unfortunately I don't like all of the songs. But there are some songs I do love.

Red is like both the other theme songs. Amazing, catchy and I love it. I did have to get used to the 'red red eheh red eheh' in the courus, but that wasn't to much of a problem.
State of Grace, like her old and country self. No doubt about it. Great song!
Treacherous, very beautiful!
I Knew You Were Trouble, starts out like a fun song but turns into screw up dubstep song. For me.. The worst song on the album.
All Too Well, I think this is the most beautiful acoustic song on the album for me. Oh wait maybe not.. But I do really like it.
22, mwaaa, it's okay, catchy and I'll listen to it. But not a song I really love.
I Almost Do, another great acoustic song.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, like I said, I had to get used to this song as it's not her old sound at all. But I do like it now, it's catchy and such a happy song. (all though the lyrics isn't really) But especially the 'we-eeeeeh' is fantastic to imitate.
Stay, stay, stay, this sounds a bit like a child song doesn't it? I think it's fun. (which doesn't really have to be a good thing..)
The Last Time (Feat. Gary Lightbody Of Snow Patrol), beautiful! All though you really the Snow Patrol influence here.
Holy Ground, I like it.. I guess.
Sad Beautiful Tragic, this is a Taylor song, which I obviously like.
The Lucky One, another song of which I'm still not sure if I really like it. It's okay.
Everything Has Changed (Feat. Ed Sheeran), this has to be one of my favorites. What I said for All Too Well appeals here. This is the best acoustic song on the album. I love Ed Sheeran and his duet with Taylor, is amazing.
Starlight, another song which I'm not sure about (yes, there are to much of those on the album), it's to poppy for me. 
Begin Again, beautiful! Just as the music video released for it. Very touching and this is going to be my new 'Back To December' tune.

What do you think of Taylor Swift? Or her new album?

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  1. Ik ben het met sommige met je eens. Ik heb haar vorige albums helemaal kapot gedraaid en moet ook nog wel wennen. Al zitten er zeker nummers tussen waarvan ik weet dat die ook kapot zullen worden gedraaid. State of Grace vind ik ook een erg mooi nummer! En met dat dubstep... haha ik moest echt lachen toen ik het las. Als ik het nummer luister ga ik er eens op letten! :P


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