FarBeyondBelieving: The things I learned in the UK

21 October 2012

The things I learned in the UK

Sometimes you say one of those things.. Which might sound really weird in English, but sounds very logical in Dutch.. Or maybe when you're in America. Well I'll explain some of those things to you now. The perks of being a Dutchy in the UK, or just forgetting an English word.

1. The difference between pants and trousers/jeans. 
Yes I made this mistake a few times. Pants in the UK are the word for underwear, all though in America pants are the same thing as trousers. Well don't say pants in the UK because people will think you mean your underwear, awkward. So me shouting I bought new pants, not a great idea.

2. Ace, another word for cool.
Ever heard of the word 'ace', well I hadn't, but it's basically a British word for cool. Ace right?

3. Forgetting the word for a grill? And calling it a 'rooster'. (which is the Dutch word)
It happened. Me calling a grill a 'rooster' was definitely hilarious. If you know what the English word rooster means.. It turned out to be a weird conversation.

4. The dutch word 'hoor', don't ever use it.
'Hoor' is an actual word in Dutch, but when you say it in the UK.. It might sound weird. It's like the word 'like', you say it to make a sentence stronger. Let's just say it sounds like one of those swear words in English, so be careful!

5. The word 'soccer'
Don't EVER use it. Soccer is for the Americans, in the UK it's just football.

6. Your, you're. 
YOU ARE and YOUR. Two different phrases, you won't hear it when you say it. But you will when you write it down.

7. Unfortunately.. Peanut butter.
This is something we definitely had to explain, as this is a Dutch phrase. Me, my friends and boyfried visited Rock Werchter and came up with 'unfortunately peanut butter' which is actually a Dutch saying. 'Helaas pindakaas', and as if that makes any sense (it doesn't) it rhymes. Which made it hilarious in English, and now we say it.. All the time. (It's a bit look 'to bad' in a funny way)

Will be continued..


  1. Haha, the rooster one :P Small differences, but important ones :P

  2. i'm in love with this!

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