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17 October 2012

Outfit: It's always a good time!

Photos made by: Sarah

It's time for an outfit post! Which has been a really long time. I went to Antwerp with a group of girls whom I hadn't seen for a very long time. We did a cultural trip through the city, went for lunch and diner and ofcourse, we talked a lot. I had a wonderful time and we decided to shoot some outfit pictures. (as Sarah, who's blogging as well, and I both took some) On top of the MAS building in Antwerp we both shot our pictures.

What am I wearing?
Gray and black top - Vero Moda (basic)
Sweater with DIY studs on my shoulder (which you can't see) - Vero Moda
Purple sweater - Topshop
Denim jacket - vintage 
Galaxy legging - Romwe.com
Scarf - Vero Moda
Camera bag - Ebay.com
Biker boots - H&M


  1. The pics turned out nice and it was such a fun day!

  2. I'm still in love with the Galaxy leggings, been on their website quite often now and I've been drooling all over their stuff :P

  3. LOVELY! I really like the denim jacket, I've been dying to find just THE right one for me :) And that camera bag is so cute!

  4. Leuk jasje! en je camera ziet er echt profi uit zeg!

  5. Die legging is echt super leuk!!

  6. Love your outfit!



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