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02 February 2013

InstaDiary: January

Hello February and hello London. I landed yesterday and am very happy to be with my boyfriend again. But now it's time to see what happened in January.
 Eating at Wagamama in London. - The Blu-Rays, DVD's and game I bought. - Goodbye lunch before going back to the Netherlands. - White Snow O.P.I. nail polish bought at the airport. - The Casio watch I got for Christmas from my parents -. Catwoman USB. - Lush purchases. - Metallica Guitar Hero.
 Yummie dinner with one of my friends. - Salad and garlic bread with my sister. - Outfit post on the blog. - Les Miserables with my mom. - Touchscreen gloves. - New JC knock-off shoes. - Healthy breakfast. - And a give-away on the blog.

I went to a Linsey Stirling concert which was amazing. - Another outfit post on the blog. - Balmi lipbalm. - We opened our exhibition. - Pretty Amsterdam. - My very first fashion show ever.
Saying goodbye to Utrecht. - The street where my room was located. - Goodbye dinner with my best friend. - Plus they good me this Batman mug and Star Wars thermos bottle, which I love. - My books and DVDs back in my parents house. - Toulouse, who's our cat, cutey! - Almost finished packing for London. - My sister as a coach at the Special Olympics in Pyeongchang, South-Korea.
New headphones. (from Hema) - My 2012 cinema tickets, 15 in total. - My new bordeaux red Converse. - And I'm leaving for 5 months London.


  1. Lovely post. I love that all the things that you buy are things that I either own or want to buy soon. Like the Bordeaux converse's, and that cute lip balm!
    I made a January pictures blog post earlier this week, care to stop by at bonjourart.blogspot.com ?
    Have fun in London! I know you will.

  2. Cute kitty! Those bordeaux converse look really cool :D And OMG, a Star Wars thermos, I want it.

  3. Wat een leuke foto's! Love your Converse!

  4. Leuke diary! Gave foto's. Converse is top en Guitar Hero hebben wij ook thuis! :D

  5. Ah de all stars zijn zo gaaf! London, goed om te horen dat je veilig bent geland :D

  6. Wat een leuke foto's, hoop dat je snel je draai vindt in London. Super gaaf!

  7. Awww your cat is such a cutey! Nice pics!

  8. Hele leuke foto's allemaal en je all starts zijn echt gaaf! xx


  9. aaaw that kitty is so cute!!

  10. Wow, a lot has happened. :) I've never been to a fashion show like that. And you seem to have bought some pretty great movies too!

    Indie by heart

  11. Leuke diary! Veel foto's altijd fijn om doorheen te bladeren:). Fijn dat je herenigd bent met je vriend. Nu zeker 5 maanden samen, dat moet heerlijk zijn! Je nieuwe all-stars zijn erggg mooi!

  12. Lovely pics! I also keep my cinema tickets, but I tape them to the side of one of my closets.


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