FarBeyondBelieving: Tag: Get to know me

10 January 2013

Tag: Get to know me

Year of birth? 1991, my birthday is in August.
How tall are you? 1.60 meters or 5'2 inch.
What did you think of when you woke up today? Homework.. Great, but let's take a very slow shower first.
Where are you at the moment? In my room. (which is really tiny, but big enough to live in!)
Single/relationship? In a relationship for almost a year now.
Descripte yourself, very shortly: Spontaneous, nerdy, curious, enjoyer of life, motivated.
What would you want right at this moment? Nothing really, I'm very happy about the way I'm living my life right now. But I would love to go on a trip to America.
What is your goal in life? Living my life beyond believing. So the best way I can!
What are you afraid of? I really dislike spiders.. And death.
Do you have your driving license? Yes I do!
Nailpolish or lipstick? Do I really have to pick one?! I love lipstick, but I really love nailpolish as well. Can I just have both please? No I really can't make a decision about this.
What is your favourite season of the year? Winter! And yes that's because of my love for skiing and snow.
Do you want to get married? Yes, I do.
Are you a healthy-freak? I'm afraid I am. I've been sporting weekly from the age of 6 and if I ate something fat.. I try to do a healthy day the day after. I go to the gym at least twice a week and try to get my vitamines everyday.
What is the color and length of your hair? I've got a pixie haircut and at the moment and my hair is bordeaux, red-ish.
What clothing or make-up item do you really want at the moment? I would love more Mac lipstick, but I would love to experiment more with eyepolish as I hardly wear that.. So the Nars pallet? Maybe?
Do you have tattoos? Nope. 
Do you have piercings? I only got my ears pierced, I've got 4 in total.
Do you wear glaces? No, and never did.
What is your perfect pizza? I love the pizza which you'll be able to buy at the 'Albert Heijn' with spinach, chicken, corn and cheese on it.
Favourite food/drink? I love Italian food, pasta, pizza, lasagne.. And a drink? I think I'll have to say water, all though that's a very boring answer.
What is your favourite perfume? This changes.. But at the moment it's Boss Orange.
What is the last thing you bought? A sport top at the H&M.
What did you this morning at 8.00 am? Sleep.
Favourite ice-cream? I'm not a big fan of ice-cream actually.. But I like lemon-y icecream, or stracciatella.
Are you a heavy sleeper, or do you wake up early? I love late nights and hate early morning. So that would make me a heavy sleeper.
What are your plans for 2013? Moving to London, which will happen end of this month, and.. I'm moving in with my boyfriend. To do another internship and graduate.. I'm not sure what will happen after but I hope this will include a job or maybe getting a master degree?
With how much pillows do you sleep? Two which I actually sleep one, there are much more around my head.
Are you a morning or evening persoon? Definitely an evening person!
Are you clean or messy? I'm a clean person. I do make a mess but can't live in it for very long, I have to clean up stuff at least one every three days.
What would you want to see at the moment? Movies: Les Miserables, The Ides of March and Gangster Squad. Tv show: I really want to finish Dexter, (I'm up to season 5 now) and I'm rewatching Game of Thrones as well.
What do you think you've accomplished in 10 years? I hope I have a nice house/apartment, a job, a husband and maybe the first baby coming? But the most important would be.. Living happily!
What do you miss at the moment? My boyfriend.. (as he lives in London and I don't.. yet.)
What is your own favourite bodypart? My shoulders and eyes.
Are you shy? No, I love talking.. A lot.
Do you have an accent? In Dutch: Not really but I do have a really harsh g, and a 'rrrrrrr'. As I'm from the middle of the country. In English: I'm not getting the British accent yet (dangit) but people always ask me if I'm from America.. I've also been asked if I was Irish a few times.
Sisters/brothers? A 3 year younger sister.
How does your daily life look? I'm a very outgoing person but am still in school. Don't have a job at the moment (for the first time in about 8 years) and love to meet up with friends, go see a lot of movies, concerts and do fun things. End of this month my life is making a bit of a chance as I'm moving to London. So my daily life? Is a bit chaotic at the moment.


  1. Ah dit vind ik altijd zo'n leuke tag, je hebt 'm leuk ingevuld! Wat gaaf dat je aan het eind van de maand in Londen gaat wonen, dat lijkt me echt een geweldige stad.

  2. Super dat je in Londen gaat wonen! Is dat tijdelijk of permanent? Ik schrok trouwens: eyes pierced maar toen begreep ik dat je je oren bedoelde hihi. Ides of March is goed en die andere films wil ik ook zien! Game of thrones, kan niet wachten tot maart!

    1. Haha jaa dat is een stomme typfout, heb het inmiddels aangepast. Of Londen tijdelijk of permanent is weet ik nog niet zeker. Ik ga er eigenlijk heen voor afstudeerstage maar ga wel samen met mijn vriend daar wonen. Dus als ik een baan krijg aangeboden of ik het naar mijn zin heb overweeg ik om te blijven.

  3. Ik heb deze week het laatste seizoen van Dexter gezien en het was vet! Dus je moet wel even de rest zien hoor. :D Leuke tag!

  4. So fun to read that I actually already knew a lot about you! But ehm.. didn't know you had your EYES pierced 4 times ;P And you don't have a job at the moment? Thought you worked at MediaMarkt! Well some free time after all those years is also nice :)

    1. Haha that's such a stupid typo! And yes I did work at the MediaMarkt but didn't renew my contract as it ended before the holidays. I was leaving for 2 weeks and wanted some rest before my internship.

  5. I wish I could be a health freak like you, my health kicks come in bursts and then disapear as quickly as they appeared. Nice to know more about you. :)


  6. Coole tag, leuk om te lezen! En mooie foto, die eerste!

    Liefs, Irene

  7. Nice tag and fun photos to illustrate it :) I'm really excited that we'll be in London at the same time!

  8. Ooooh I hate spiders as well!



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  9. Wat gaaf dat je in London gaat wonen! :D



  10. Ga je in London wonen?! Supercoooool!

  11. Such a fun tag! I really want to see Les Miserables too!

  12. Leuke blog heb je, volg je nu op GFC en Bloglovin ;-)
    Gaaf dat je in londen gaat wonen.


  13. Zo'n leuke tag, leuk ingevuld! Hem hem gister ook gedaan maar dat wist je al :)

  14. Leuke tag! Leren we je toch wat beter kennen. :) Misschien dat ik hem ook een keertje invul!

  15. Wat gaaf dat je naar Engeland gaat verhuizen. Veel succes daar!

  16. i have like 7000 nail polishes and never use any of them haha, i'm terrible. nice meetin' you :)

  17. Leuke tag en trouwens leuk je haar zo. Staat je goed. (:

  18. Leuk om te lezen, misschien moet ik dat ook maar eens doen. Goed voor als ik een momentje inspiratieloos ben. hihi


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