FarBeyondBelieving: InstaDiary December: part 2

04 January 2013

InstaDiary December: part 2

I'm back from my two week holiday! So expect some more posts these upcoming days. I'll share my Christmas presents and some of the (very few) photos I made. I had such an amazing time and can't wait to go back to London in less then a month. Because, yes, the moving day is only 27 days away.

But let's get on with the InstaDiary. The second part of December.
I did my very first ever Lush purchase, I'm hooked and am now in love with their products. I went to see Muse in a sold out Ziggodome, which was awesome. I won 30 euros shopping money and bought this Christmas dress, which I didn't wear for Christmas... I finally continued of reading 'Storm of Swords'. And then.. We went of to Austria, my mom even brought a little 'iron Christmas tree.' The surroundings and weather were absolutely great.
Little sneak peaks of my Christmas presents, a door stopper, perfume and a ring. More landscape photos on a beautiful day, me in my ski outfit and a lovely starter of carpaccio. My wrapped Lush package for a Secret Santa game we played. And me and the boyfriend waiting in the cold.
We left Austria by train and our trip must've been the most awful one I've ever had. A flight of 2 hours took us 15 hours in the end... We got there in the end, but pleasant, no definitely not. I watched the last episode ever of Merlin, sad. And walked in to these two amazing Hobbit and Marvel Monopoly games. But as I only brought hand luggage this would not fit in my suitcase.

December has been an amazing month and I've been super busy. This is probably why I forgot to take any photos at New Years Eve, I had an amazing time in a London pub. So I'm sorry for that little gap in this month! We didn't really dress up for Christmas as we were all really tired because of the skiing and everything around that. It was as much fun without the dressing up part. But other then that.. 2012 has been such a great year!


  1. Awesome presents! :)
    Must have been really awesome to spend Christmas and New Years in Austria and London!

  2. Such beautiful views! Would love it to be that snowy here aswell, but we're stuck with the stupid rain.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    I just love the The Hobbit monopoly! I want it :D

  4. Oh wat een mooi vooruitzicht, london! En leuk muse, concerten geven altijd zo'n leuk sfeertje! En leuk dat je al zo lang skiet :)

  5. Leuke diary! En dat uitlje, aawh superlief! XO
    The wine of fashion

  6. Merlin <3 Moet het laatste seizoen nog kijken maar durf eigenlijk niet. :'(
    Leuk zo'n overzichtje! Je hebt een leuke maand gehad en zo te zien komt er ook nog veel leuks op je pad. Lekker naar London! Jaloers!

  7. Wat een super leuke blog heb je !
    En ik ben echt jaloers dat je naar Muse bent geweest, tof !

  8. Leuke blog! Ik heb je facebookpagina geliked zodat ik je blogposts in het oog kan houden!

    Veel liefs,


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